Renault Kwid Gets Turned Into Art Car, Goes On Display In France

BMW is not the only automaker that turns to artists to overhaul some of their cars, as Renault has followed the same trend with the Kwid.

The man responsible for transforming the crossover into a piece of moving art is Sen Shombit, a French artist of Indian origin, who was approached by the company to apply his personal take on the Kwid.

The word used to describe the finished project is Gesturism – the 64-year old artist’s own movement that sees the car following his Ville Enigmatique (Enigmatic City) theme, described as “a form of dialogue between painting and design, between art and technology, and between the artist himself and Renault“.

We were delighted when Sen accepted our invitation to paint a Kwid. It is the first time an artist has expressed a narrative through his own style, in the form of an art car, in contrast to earlier art cars by celebrated artists like Lichtenstein, Warhol, Koons, and Calder, which showcased the artists’ personal styles“, said the brand’s VP for Design R&D, Patrick Lecharpy.

After it was displayed for the first time on November 9 at Shombit’s own exhibition in Kala Ghoda in southern Mumbai, the car can now be seen at Barbizon’s Espace Culturel Marc Jacquet, 60 km (37 miles) south of Paris, where it will remain until December 27.