Volkswagen Teases New ID Concept For Detroit, Looks Like The Microbus

Volkswagen has dropped the first teasers for a new concept it has in store for the fast-approaching 2017 Detroit Auto Show. And while it’s not telling us much about what form it will take, it would appear to be the new electric Microbus we’ve been waiting for.

Characterized as “a multi-functional vehicle for a new era,” the concept promises to tie together “the legendary origins of the Volkswagen brand and its electrifying future.” An electric Microbus would seem to fit the description perfectly, especially judging from the accompanying trio of teaser images.

The concept follows the previous ID electric hatchback concept showcased in Paris just a few months ago and shares the same underpinnings, called the Modular Electric Drive Kit (and referred to by its German initials MEB). It’s slated to incorporate two electric motors and all-wheel drive, as well as fully autonomous capabilities that orchestrates the use of laser scanners, radar, ultrasonic sensors, and cameras to keep the vehicle moving without the need for driver intervention.

The German carmaker also promises a flexible interior to preview what long-range electric mobility could look and feel like in the future – complete with a steering wheel that retracts into the dashboard when not in use. Watch this space for more as Motown’s Cobo Center is slated to open its doors for the North American International Auto Show only weeks from now, by which point we should have full details on what Wolfsburg has in store.

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