MG GS Nabs 4-Stars In ANCAP’s Safety Rating

Launched in China almost two years ago, before going on sale in other markets, the MG GS has now fallen in the hands of ANCAP’s engineers.

The compact crossover has been noted as having a stable structure, which stayed in one piece during testing, but since it lacks most safety features, such as the autonomous emergency braking, lane support, and intelligent seatbelt reminders for the second row occupants, it achieved a 4-star safety rating.

“The GS is a good car structurally, offering sound levels of occupant protection, however its safety specification is lacking. Consumers have come to expect a higher standard of safety features, and unfortunately it falls short of the top safety rating. We are working with MG to see if a specification upgrade can be put in place, in the hope the model can offer another 5-star option for medium SUV buyers”, said ANCAP’s CEO, James Goodwin.

Besides the MG GS, ANCAP also tested the Toyota Avensis estate, which is only offered in New Zealand. The family car has turned out to be a safe bet for the Japanese automaker, which upgraded it to feature low speed and interurban autonomous emergency braking as standard. Additionally, the vehicle’s pedestrian protection was recognized by the safety advocate, stating that its 5-star rating make it “a good choice for families or corporate fleets”.