Porsche Testing Electrified Powertrain On Large Crossover Coupe-Like Mule

Even though we’ve seen what we assumed to be a Cayenne Coupe mule undergoing tests back in August, this time around we get a much better look at what seems to be either a hybrid or a full-electric version.

Despite the fake Panamera body, our spy photographers reckon we’re looking at something that’s shorter, wider and taller than the production Panamera, which of course has us believe that underneath all those prototype bits, lies a Porsche Cayenne Coupe.

However, given the fact that this test mule has electric hazard stickers on it, we could also connect it to the upcoming Mission E. Now, whether this is the actual Mission E they’re testing, or simply a hybrid or an EV version of the Cayenne Coupe, is hard to determine just yet.

The reason why this could be either a hybrid or an EV is because our spy photographers couldn’t hear any engine noise as the car was driving by – which normally means “fully electric”, but it could also mean that it was simply driving in electric-mode, as many hybrids are known to do.

If a next-generation Cayenne Coupe is indeed hiding underneath, it should utilize the same powertrains as the regular all-new Cayenne, which is still under development. When an electrified version does arrive, it might actually share some technology with the Mission E.

Speaking of the Mission E, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume stated that it will look very similar to the concept and that it will deliver what customers expect from a Porsche in terms of handling and performance.

The Mission E concept featured a total system power output of 440 kW (600 PS/590 HP) and could sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.5 seconds. As impressive as that sounds, in order for Porsche to deliver on the promise of a full charge in just 15 minutes, they’ll need to invest in infrastructure on multiple continents, since 800-volt 150 kW chargers are currently very hard to come by.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops