Skoda Details Revised Octavia & Octavia RS At Official Launch Event [84 Pics]

After teasing us with a few shots of their updated Octavia and Octavia RS models towards the end of last year, Skoda has decided to share more information and plenty more pictures on their refreshed C-segment offerings.

If you weren’t sure what to make of Skoda’s facelifted Octavia back when you first saw it, know that the sole purpose for the additional headlights was to create a more masculine and dynamic appearance.

The Czech automaker also made sure to offer the headlights in full-LED spec with an adaptive function, as an optional extra. As for the LED taillights, they now illuminate in a uniform manner across the entire surface.

Overall, the upgraded Octavia has even grown by a few millimeters in length, while the width of its rear track has also increased by 20 or 30 mm, depending on the engine and the rear track.

Inside, new additions include new ambient lighting, two new USB ports at the rear, folding tray tables on the back of the front seats, bottle holders that make the opening of PET bottles easier, plus a removable LED torch in the Combi model’s boot. Buyers will also be able to add a heated steering wheel and order customizable keys if they so choose.

For the infotainment system, Skoda has now integrated the controls into the glass design. The top spec Columbus navigation system comes with a 9.2″ touchscreen as well as an LTE module for fast data transfer, providing occupants with a Wi-Fi hotspot. As for driver assistance systems, new features such as the Trailer Assist, Predictive Pedestrian Protection, Blind Spot Detect, Rear Traffic Alert and Crew Protect Assist are meant to surpass the usual levels of on-board tech found on most non-premium compact models in Europe.

There’s also Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, MirrorLink and SmartGate availability once you pair your mobile phone with the Skoda Connect system.

Engine-wise, the Octavia now comes with a fresh powertrain option, specifically the 2.0 TDI (110 kW / 150 PS) with DSG transmission and all-wheel drive – marking the first time an Octavia has featured all-wheel drive and a 7-speed DSG gearbox. In total, you can order your Octavia or Octavia Combi with a choice of four petrol (TSI), four diesel (TDI) and one G-TEC (CNG) powertrain. Power output ranges from 86 PS to 184 PS, and with the exception of the entry-level petrol and diesels, you can spec any Octavia model with the 7-speed DSG.

If a different type of fuel economy is your main concern, opting for the CNG powertrain means owning a 1.4-liter G-TEC Octavia with 110 PS (81 kW) in total.


Of course, if you want to go fast in an Octavia, there are only two letters that need concern you. The revised RS is available in both hatchback as well as Combi form, and features a black radiator grille, distinctive air ducts, new spoiler, large exhaust pipes and RS sports seats with leather/fabric covers – though Alcantara is available as an optional extra.

Furthermore, the sports chassis places the body lower to the ground by 15 mm, while the wheel dimensions range from 17″ to 19″.

Performance wise, you can either go for the 2.0 TSI with 230 PS (169 kW) or the 2.0 TDI with 184 PS (135 kW). Putting the power down is also more efficient thanks to the ESC stability system with XDS+ electronic inter-wheel lock and Performance Mode Select – the latter comes with an optional Performance Sound Generator.

On paper, the more powerful Octavia RS TSI is obviously the way to go, where its 230 PS will allow you to hit 100 km/h (62 mph) in 6.7 seconds before maxing out at 250 km/h (155 mph). The RS TDI on the other hand, can brag about its 4.5 liters per 100 km (62.7 UK mpg) average fuel consumption, while still offering a relatively sporty drive.




  • Eunos

    I like it a lot. The pre-facelifted model was too dull, but now it looks very good in my opinion.

    • annon

      I dunno, I don’t like the split of the front headlamps, it’s lost that “streamline” look and now kinda reminds me of the 2002 Renault VelSatis

  • fabri99

    What a mess. I didn’t love it before, but at least it looked okay. Now though…

    • kello3000

      Agree. Totally beyond me how this made it to production.

      Looks like they borrowed the visual language of the Aztek for those headlights…

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    That front is certainly diSTINKtive.

    • Bash

      Ha Ha

  • Carenthusiast

    How difficult it would’ve been to copy Skoda Superb’s elegant front? Instead they’ve made a mess!

  • roy

    I think I’m slowly starting to like the front….. Of course it is due to the fact that nothing can be done about it now and that the only thing I can do now is wait… Wait to die.. Wait to live… Wait for an absolution that would never come…

  • Alban Gojani

    #allthecaryouneed seriously.

  • Mr E Fella

    the new front is ugly af. but on the plus side, the now old (and better looking) model will drop in price and I can save some cash on on that RS ive been looking at. Thanks Skoda for making the choice between new and used so easy.

  • Sébastien

    I still much prefer Octavia’s from 2006, better face (with lenticular HID) and better materials inside (rear doors panels had soft material to the top).
    I guess it’s VW asking them to go slow on ‘nice looking’ cars

  • ediotsavant

    I thought it was a Lincoln.

  • Bash

    what is that button shown in the 4th picture? with the steering wheel symbol next to the letter P

    • Janar Siniväli

      Probably automatic parking function

  • VerpissDich

    It’s a mess, a steaming hot mess.

  • Jakub

    I liked the previous version better but what I certainly know, it is going to be the best-selling Skoda in the Czech Republic, Germany, the UK, Slovakia, Poland again. Actually, it does not matter how it looks because people/companies will buy it into their fleets..

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