This Is The Facelifted 2018 Ford Mustang

Video footage of the facelifted 2018 Ford Mustang has surfaced on the web.

Pictured here in the promotional clip that was sent to us by Mustang6G is the 2018 Mustang GT 5.0 with the Performance Package.

From a first look, it appears that Ford has performed some tweaks to the front end, including revised headlamps that obtain a small kink on the bottom part, elongated LEDs, a redesigned bumper with different openings, and a resculpted hood. It does look kind of droopy, but it’s probably best we wait for official photos before jumping into any conclusions.

On the opposing end, it seems like Ford redesigned the tail-lamps while retaining the three-unit look. We don’t get any views of the interior, but some changes are expected inside too.

There have also been rumors swirling that Ford may drop the current 3.7-liter V6 leaving the 2.3-liter turbocharged EcoBoost four-pot as the standard unit, as well as adopting the Ford and GM co-developed 10-speed automatic transmission already used in the Ford F-150 and the Chevy Camaro ZL1, but none of this has officially been confirmed yet.

Update: The 2018 Ford Mustang has been officially revealed, full details here


Photo Gallery

  • Six Thousand Times

    Just a little more triangle-y. I’m not moved enough to turn in my ’16.

  • Kaisuke971

    Ugly as sin

  • Phil

    Am I the only one that sees a bit of this?

    • Bo Hanan

      I didn’t agree until I looked back at the Mustang. Great eye you have for detail.

    • Six_Tymes


    • SgtBeavis

      HA! Well Played.

    • seriously


  • donald seymour

    I will be buying the use one. 2016 Mustang to be exact.

    • john1168

      You won’t be the only one I think…

      • donald seymour

        The 2016 Mustang will be the best selling used car in history, because no one will ever buy the 2018 model.

        • rodriguez256

          I’m sure it will sell just fine.

          • donald seymour

            I like your optimism and hope.

    • MonkeyRider

      2015 – 2017 models are same. You can buy new 2017 model now.

  • DinosaurRubbish

    I don’t suppose they made it handle properly. Only for those suffering a midlife crisis.

  • Akira

    So it’s just a current one with down syndrome.

  • john1168

    WOW! Ford really F’ed up the front. The headlights and grille look ok but everything below the front bumper is horrible. What the heck were they thinking???

  • donald seymour

    Ford designers if you all are reading this, go kill yourself. I’m disappointed in you, Ford.

    • Craig


    • Tumbi Mtika

      DEATH THREATS! This made me laugh SO HARD!!!

    • I’mCallingYouOut

      Okay, that’s a bit much. It’s a car. Relax Donny.

      • donald seymour

        Okay cool, I’m relaxed.

  • ctk4949

    Did they upgrade the interior??

    • nauticalone

      Especially hope they include soft touch materials to centre console, at least as an option as they did with current model upper door panels. It should actually be standard on the premium trim!

  • Nordschleife

    This looks generic. Like the first draft of this vehicle.

  • Craig

    I’m not really sure why – but I don’t dream of owning a Mustang. It’s never on my list of ‘got to have’ cars. The last Ford product I owned was a 1979 Mercury Capri Ghia with a 5.0 and 4-speed manual transmission. It was a nice car. So it’s not like I’m anti-Ford.

  • Craig
  • Liam Paul

    send it back

  • Matt

    I don’t hate it at all, but that bumper does have a whiff of aftermarket about it. The lower lights aren’t that nicely designed for an OEM.

  • U8INIT

    I don’t mind it. Another color would do wonders watch…

    • donald seymour

      No, no it wont.

  • LexusGXman

    Looks like some sort of fish or something with a massive nose.

  • Stigasawuswrecks

    The car looks depressed.

    • donald seymour

      It looks as though it has been working at a job that it hates. It regrets the bad decisions and choices that lead up to this mundane job in which it seems to be stuck in. It seems really depressed to me as well.

      • Stigasawuswrecks

        Exactly! And has to go home to a wife he hates that does nothing but nags him all of the time.

        • donald seymour

          My point exactly. We’re going to place this Mustang under suicide watch.

    • Bash

      the car looks afraid of the upcoming Challenger Demon

  • Kevin Tay

    A Toyotan approach on the front end? No thank you.

  • Julien Lachemoi

    It looks like it’s disappointed by itself.

  • JBsC6

    Doesn’t look better than the existing mustang .jmo

  • nauticalone

    I’m not sure yet. I think i may find it more attractive in another colour…like my 2012 Silver Mustang GT. If not I’ll have to wait on the new 2020, or see what the new GT500 looks like.

  • Mark S

    The new taillights are very nice. The New Grill and Headlights not so much. And what an awful color.

    • Jay

      I wish I could give more than one up vote for this one.

      • Tumbi Mtika

        I bet @donaldseymour:disqus wishes he could too.

  • Gustavo Adriano

    I liked overall, is better than the current model IMO.

  • Dennis Scipio

    Wow, it looks Meh to me.

  • Ray

    Swing and a miss.

  • S3XY

    All they did was literally flip the headlights upside down. And those LED DRL’s are so dim it’s stupid. They need to make them bright.

  • dumblikeyou2


  • SgtBeavis

    While I don’t hate it, I do think it’s kinda pointless.

  • Mynameis Taylor

    I prefer the headlamps on the 2016

    • Matt

      I recall when the new Mustang was revealed there was a lot of hate for the headlights, as they made it look more like a Fusion coupe.

      Now it seems all is forgiven.

  • psiqtas

    Oh cr*p – it looks even less Mustnag’ish, like some exotic car…Jag or Aston! It isn’t the best direction for this model I think…

  • Tumbi Mtika

    This is fucked. Like the Toyota 86 of Muscle cars.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    2018 Ford Mustang. The midlife crisis Mustang.

  • Daly Bouargoub

    But why a Hyundai Elantra face …

  • nik


  • samurai

    They totally ruined the look. What the hell were they thinking?
    Pre-facelift Mustang sold really really well, Chevy must be partying hard right now.

  • Like

  • Дмитрий Лаврик

    Стало грустно, вспомнился безудержно веселый кот и… бэха е65. Захотелось включить Сплин, закурить в открытое окно, выпить…
    Вероятно, ребята из Дирборна хотели придать автомобилю некие черты Шелби 68-го года, но вышло очень грустно, депрессивно, тленно. Просто суицид какой то. #Mustang2018

    • Bash

      I don’t know anything from what you wrote up there… but I up voted because in the picture you provided, I see the similarities…

      • Дмитрий Лаврик

        Sorry, comments that are not in English. My English is poor.
        I wanted to say that looking at the new Mustang would like to be sad. I would like antidepressants … It is very sad

  • Bash

    no thanks, the charger does it better. talking about 2012-2014 model.

  • ErnieB
  • fabri99

    Reminds me of the Model X.

  • Tinky-Winky

    Why can’t Ford use GT350 bumpers on all the models?

  • SUX3000

  • Vassilis

    Love it!

  • roy

    all i see is a vampire

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