Alfa Romeo Giulia QV Takes On M3, C63 S And ATS-V Super-Sedan Rivals

If you’re still worried about Alfa’s super-powered Giulia not being able to contend with the very best and quickest sports sedans in the world, it’s time to put those worries to rest.

As you’ll find out in this recent Head 2 Head episode, Motor Trend feels that the Giulia has really put Alfa Romeo back in contention as an actual segment leader.

And yes, the competition couldn’t be tougher with models such as the BMW M3 (Competition Pack), Cadillac ATS-V and Mercedes-AMG C63 S burning rubber around Chuckwalla Valley Raceway.

We’d rather not tell you which model won this comparison test straight up, and while the Giula QV was really “feeling it”, keep in mind that all of these cars are formidable – even the ATS-V, which actually had the best handling characteristics.

The format of the test was simple. In order for it to be a proper Head 2 Head, two of the cars had to be eliminated first, which meant that the M3, C63 S and the ATS-V had to duel each other before the winner could face off against the Alfa Romeo.

So who’s your money on?


  • Ameer Hassan Tajaldeen

    i’ll still take the AMG

  • Six_Tymes

    Great video. Finally less snarkiness coming from “whats his face” pays off. All their videos now are spot on fun and informative. The Alfa looks very good in person, better than the M3. Kudos to the CTV.

  • dumblikeyou2

    Uhuh, sure, the Alfa is fantastic. So are the ones lined up along a row of homely Fiat 500s with balloons attached to them to attract sales at the local Fiat/Alfa dealer. Without a strong customer service/dealer experience this awesome Alpha is DOA.
    But how nice it would be to own one.

    • Axel Cortez

      alfa alfa alfa alfa alfa alfa alfa

      • dumblikeyou2

        How the hell did I not see that? Edited. But I left one to own up to my braindeadness.

        • Axel Cortez


  • ToniCipriani ✓pǝᴉɟᴉɹǝʌ

    Not sure why people are using “QV” to substitute for “Quadrifoglio”. QV = Quattrovalvole, which mean four valves. Quadrifoglio means cloverleaf. Not the same thing.

    • Six_Tymes

      Great point

      • Jay

        QV is correct mate. It Stands for Quadrifoglio Verde hence the QV buddy gets your facts right

    • Bob

      So you’re right, it should be Q for Quadrifoglio in this instance. QV comes from Quadrifoglio Verde, which is what they used to call the performance Alfa’s. I think QV just stuck from there.

    • Wandering_Spirit

      Because QV doesn’t mean QUADRIFOGLIO nor it means QUATTROVALVOLE. It means QUADRIFOGLIO VERDE (Green Cloverleaf). It comes from a time where you had different Quadrifoglio versions, with the VERDE normally being the fastest one because directly related to the Alfa Racing Team. In other times you also had Quadrifoglio Oro (Gold Cloverleaf). This is a 1982 example of Alfetta Quadrifoglio Oro. They were still sporty but with some added “luxury” items (for the time, that is)

  • Craig

    “The best handling sports sedan on the planet.” And the Cadillac didn’t win? I would take the ATS-V in a heartbeat.

    • baofe

      There’s more to a car than just how well it handles. I mean rear camera you know..

    • TheHake

      Are you really serious? Over an M4 or C63? Wow.

      • Craig

        In a heart beat.

        • TheHake

          Like I said. Wow.

          • Craig

            Handling matters to me more than anything else. Not track numbers so much – but how a car feels to drive. Do I feel connected to it. The Cadillac wins this comparison. Why you don’t think so is a bit baffling to me.

          • TheHake

            I’m all for handling too, but how a car ages is also very important to me. If you look at a BMW/Merc (or Benz as you would say 😉 ) from 2000 vs a Caddy from 2000, the Caddies don’t age well.

          • Craig

            To me ‘Merc’ has always stood for ‘Mercury’! That said… I understand what you’re saying. But don’t BMW/Benz [!] cars age well because they look basically the same year after year? Let’s face it – the Checker Marathon aged well too! [Hey! Is that 1961 model or a 1982 model? Who knows!] But I like cars that are better than you might expect. And the ATS-V is FAR better than most people would ever imagine. Besides – I’ve owned a lot of cars. And have enjoyed most of them. And for different reasons.

          • TheHake

            I know about the Merc = Mercury, that’s why I mentioned the ‘Benz’. 😀
            And don’t get me wrong, I really like the Caddie, I just won’t be able to choose it over the Germans. I will, however, choose it over the Alfa, just because the Alfa will probably not be reliable.

          • Craig

            I wouldn’t take the Alfa either – as nice as it is. [I think it’s the nicest looking of the four] I’ll let someone else be the guinea pig.

  • john1168

    Great video! They all seem like fantastic cars. Seems like the AMG needs more tire. Easy fix… ATS needs a new IP because the current one looks like it came out of a minivan from the 90’s. Not an easy fix but I think a new one is on the way. Again, all great cars. I’d love to have any one of them.

  • Kagan

    Well he said AMG was undertired then it is not a fair comparison especially as the m3 has special trackpackage.

    • Axel Cortez

      the c63 was the S I mean if they cannot put a proper tire on it is only amg fault

      • Kagan

        No because it maybe works better for other purposes the testers should put more effort to have equal test objects.

        • Axel Cortez

          a C63S I mean the S I suppose stands for Sportier, because the C63 is already a sports car otherwise you will get a c300 (or whatever the top of the line of the C class is) so if you are making a sportier sports car you should put good tire.

          • Kagan

            The S is more power and electronically lock differential. Not special track purposed.

          • Axel Cortez

            the QV M4 ATS V aren’t special track cars, yet they have better tyres…

          • Kagan

            That is the problem if you can put better tires and you don’t for the test it is not equal.

            Better for the track maybe not better elsewhere and sustainability.

            The M4 with competition package is a track car.

          • Axel Cortez

            no M4 GTS is a track car M4 with comp package is like the C63s

            Experience pure high-performance and ultimate motorsport feel with the specially developed Competition Package. The enhanced dynamics deliver faster acceleration (-0.1s for 0-60 mph), which come from a horsepower increase of +19 to 444hp (vs. 425), more direct steering ratio, Adaptive M Suspension with new settings in all 3 modes, New DSC setting and New setting for Active M Differential. The package also features 20″ Forged Light Alloy Wheels, high-gloss black elements including the kidney frame, side gill and rear designation, and black-chrome dual tailpipes for the Sport exhaust. For M3 Sedan and M4 Coupe, the interior features M Sport seats with break-through elements in the seat back and front seat belts with M Stripes.

            Hardly a track car

            The C63s has bigger brakes, stiffer suspensions, bigger wheels, 30ish more hp, active engine mounts, differential and other upgrades

            as you can see they are both hardly track cars, just that BMW decided to use better tyre

          • Kagan

            Tires are the most important part on a car so if you have track tires you gain a lot around a track but it will not work on other places and be worn out quite rapidly.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    I’d either go for and Alfa or the Cadillac. They are different. The Mercedes in my place is considered a brand for old farts, no matter how fast and with the exception of some model. BMW is stuff for pimps and the brand is a bit stale again. Good car but not for me.

    • Silimarina

      So in other words, you are not buying a car that you like, because you are afraid of how you will be percieved by others.Low self esteem?

      • Wandering_Spirit

        I like how people A) twist words and B) try to go personal when others are discussing cars. That said, what i am trying to say is that “Since Benz is considered as a brand for old farts (except some models) where i live, nobody really would buy one”. This includes me. It is not a matter of self-esteem, rather the fact that since we have that mindset, their design, how they drive and their interiors don’t appeal much to me. So rather than being worried about what others think about me. It’s about me not wanting to drive one as i don’t identify with the brand. They really convey a sort of luxury i don’t like. Had i had self-esteem issues, i’d have gone for a BMW, that would be a booster, it’s globally acknowledged as an esteem booster. But since i like understated things i’d take a Cadillac or the Alfa (if not for else, because i have been driving them for a long time and i know how they drive compared to the old farts and the pimp things).

        On a second note, if i may suggest, change your hobby. Psychology is not a suitable hobby for you. Try Yoga.

        • supermanuel

          So, calling Mercedes a brand for ‘old farts’ isn’t personal? So, calling BMWs ‘stuff for pimps’ isn’t being personal?

          • Wandering_Spirit

            Not as long as i don’t blame you for being such. I beg you can appreciate the difference between a generalized idea and, instead, trying to do amateur psychoanalysis of someone based on other people’s words and shifting from general to personal. It’s a generic opinion based on a generic idea. It’s like “I think iPhones are overrated”, rather than “If you get an iPhone you’re showing clear signs of egomania and personality issues”. I don’t expect you to appreciate the difference though. It’s clear you don’t, or you wouldn’t have written that answer.

          • supermanuel

            Yes, quite, I need all the neurons I can get.

            But while I have you in such a magnanimous spirit I need some clarity on something you said because there’s some confusion. You said that “I think iPhones are overrated” is an example of ‘general concept’ and that “If you get an iPhone you’re showing clear signs of egomania and personality issues” is an example of a personal insult. It’s not a very clever personal insult but, nonetheless, that’s the example you gave. One statement addresses the object and the other criticises the user of the object. That’s correct isn’t it?

            So, in your original ‘contribution’ to this article, you said that ‘in your place’ (I’m assuming you mean ‘where you live’ but I suppose you could just as easily mean ‘at your elementary school’ or ‘at your care facility’, I’ll stick with ‘where you live’ and give you the benefit of the doubt…) “Mercedes are for old farts” when you could have said “Mercedes are not very interesting cars” Those are two different ‘concepts’, one addresses the object and the other criticises the user of the object.

            The trouble I’m having, oh wise one, is that the comment you claimed to be a ‘generalised concept’ in your original statement is definitely an insult directed at the users of the object and so doesn’t fit your own explanatory example at all.

            I hope you can see how that could be confusing to us mere mortals.

            Let’s not bother to explore the notion that anyone who uses such idiotic generalised ‘concepts’ as ‘Mercedes are for old farts’ to form any kind of decision or judgement is clearly operating with a poorly developed or immature cognition.

          • Wandering_Spirit

            I wish you had a better understanding of English and better skills at anger management. I didn’t say “Mercedes are for old farts” but rather “Mercedes in my place are considered cars for old farts”. There is a big difference between the two.

            That said I think you should see a psychiatrist. This is a website where people discuss cars. I gave my opinion without insulting anyone. Your writing Bible sized answers trying to prove some point and vent anger is not going to make me change opinion. I take back that neuron I donated to you. I’ll give it back when you get better at using the only one you have.

          • supermanuel

            I had a strong suspicion that you would resort to rudeness again to disguise the fact that you don’t have an answer. You are clearly an 11 year old boy pretending to be a grown up, so I’ll stop engaging with you.

          • Wandering_Spirit

            You don’t understand. It’s not about answers. It’s about opinions. If you can’t respect opinions (and thinking that in a certain region of the world Mercedez Benz, FOCUS ON CAR is considered a car for old farts is an opinion), then you shouldn’t comment in the first place. You could have said “Ah in our region it’s cool instead…” or “Oh well that’s the opinion of those people in that region”. You didn’t. You focused on a generic opinion on a CAR, transferred the concept (misunderstanding it and going from a geographically localized habit to a generalized offense) to people and then ranted. It is not about rudeness. I genuinely think you are not very smart and, honestly, from the way you entered this discussion, you come through as someone who has problems. You shouldn’t even have started to “engage” with me in the first place unless you had something to say about the car. Now go back to your safe space and, really, stop making me waste time. I like Carscoops because people talk about cars and discuss about them also in unconventional ways. When i don’t like someone’s comment i skip them altogether, don’t go around teaching political correctness. You’re wasting your time, and mine.

          • supermanuel

            Ah, but I’m enjoying wasting your time now and besides, the reflected glow of your superiority is having such a warming effect on this chilly Sunday.

            Unfortunately, where you’re concerned, it really is about rudeness. You’re an unpleasant little boy and rudeness seems to be some kind of defence mechanism that you rely on to cover up whatever inadequacies you feel inside. We’re back to ‘amateur psychoanalysis’ again aren’t we but I’m fine with it all the while you’re recommending therapy.

            With hindsight, I think we really should bother to explore the notion that anyone who uses such idiotic generalised (and now localised and even ‘generic’) ‘concepts’ as ‘Mercedes are for old farts’ to form any kind of decision or judgement is clearly operating with a poorly developed or immature cognition.

            Go for it….

          • supermanuel

            Ah yes, I see the mistake I made. If I say something like “People who call Mercedes drivers ‘old farts’ and BMW drivers ‘pimps’ are clearly bitter little turds who are compelled to criticise others to compensate for their own inadequacies” that’s a generalised idea, whereas “You are a sad little oik with pi55 poor interpersonal skills ” well, that’s definitely personal.

            Thanks for the lesson. Much appreciated. I’ll try much harder next time…

          • Wandering_Spirit

            Thanks. That may add one more neuron to your collection.

  • Objectivity

    So the ATS was eliminated purely on the basis it was beat by fractions of a second on a single lap. Why the pretense? Just say you wanted a BMW/Alpha Head to Head.

  • smartacus

    That one guy Johnny Loserman is so beyond irrelevant.
    He only appeals to baby boomers who still subscribe to the printed ragazine

  • smartacus

    each of these cars is so irrelevant anymore today.
    i wish someone made a modern day E30 already
    instead of these flaccid retiree-vehicles

  • charlie hustle

    i take an e90 m3 over all these

  • Ed Ward

    Wow, it took chrysler and ferrari to engineer a proper alfa romeo.

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