BMW M6 Scares The Bejesus Out Of SEAT Driver On The Motorway

This dashcam-wearing Seat Leon Cupra 290 had a really close call with a second-generation BMW M6 on the motorway, as the latter barely squeezed through a two-car gap at high speed.

While we can’t tell you just how fast that M6 was going, it’s obvious that we’re looking at a pretty significant speed difference between the Leon and the German super-coupe.

According to the video’s description, that silver M6 was driving behind the Seat while merging, which means the driver had to really floor it and make a conscious decision to overtake the vehicles ahead.

In the end, the M6 split the two cars just right and managed to get away with a move that can actually put lives at risk on any given day, especially at motorway speeds.

Speaking of speed, whatever that M6 was doing during the overtake, its driver didn’t let off not even a little bit, as the car can be seen disappearing into the horizon.


  • Billy

    SEAT driver merged and then immediately switches into the far overtaking lane. He wasn’t accelerating much more than the SUV in the middle lane until after he got pissed off by being passed (yes, VERY dangerous passing maneuver by BMW), but I’d be hard pressed to say SEAT driver did nothing wrong.

  • fluffy

    How long was the bmw behind the Seat, were they blocking them on the slip road? Or was it the move straight to the outside lane that caused the bmw in the outside lane to veer back in. The only thing we know for sure is the bmw driver is impatient and a risk taker. I’m gonna say investment banker or stock trader. or twat.

  • TrevP

    Can’t decide if the M6 driver is reckless or pro. lol

  • weetec

    X3 is at fault. Right signal then left, should of left it open for the M6.

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    The SEAT driver doesn’t cover himself in glory either by moving straight out into the outside lane.

  • Dave A.

    No news here, just your typical BMW driver…

  • he enter to quickly to the speed lane ,,,

  • Randy Terpstra

    Jeepers people, check your mirrors much over there? Yes, the BMW 6 was speeding. But, the vehicle with the dash-cam immediately does a triple lane change, while the BMW X pulls into the middle lane, as they enter the motorway??? Come on now.

    • 12333444333

      Why do people like you make such moronic sweeping comments like “check your mirrors much over there” like you come from some fucking Petri dish of purity?

      • Randy Terpstra

        I take it, that you must be from “over there”. I agree with your earlier statement, that there was no excuse for that speed. But yes, clearly mirrors were not being checked. Why else would someone deliberately pull in front of this speeding BMW 6? Unless the SEAT driver was trying to get the BMW driver to slow down, like “some fucking Petri dish of purity or something” 😉 .

  • Bob

    Where did the M6 come from? That will tell us who is actually in the wrong. If M6 driver also came from the on-ramp and then squeezed in-between the X3 and Seat then he’s certainly wrong but there is also the possibility that, in jumping to the inside lane (this is a right-hand drive market) the Seat actually jumped in front of the M6 who was then forced to pass on the left to avoid colliding into him.

    • Pete

      Forced to pass? It’s called brakes and defensive driving.

    • Miknik

      Well you’re never forced to pass. There is a middle pedal – even in a BMW – that can slow down cars. I suppose the M6 was moving very fast on the right lane, and the SEAT just pulled out, and the Bimmer had no intention of braking. The SEAT is an idiot, but the M6’s maneuver is downright dangerous instead of braking…

      • Bob

        Any driver worth his sandals knows that the middle pedal isn’t some magical accident-eraser. If on edge in a corner, for instance, touching the middle pedal has been known to induce a violent rolling action. My own experience, in a similar scenario to the above, resulted in accident damage worth over $50 000. There’s only so much that brakes can do when idiots decide to jump lanes in front of you.

        • Miknik

          Given the Seat pulling out at not too much speed (which itself is idiocy), tehre would have been plenty of time to break, if that is your intention. The Seat didn’t do an out of nowhere zick zack movement, and was already on the right lane for a brief period when the M6, audibly hammering it’s engine and not breaking (as you’d do automatically when trying to avoid an accident), squeezed in between. Yes, the Seat was an idiot, but the Bimmer even more.

          Breaks clearly can’t avoid all accidents, but not applying them in an emergency is rarely helpful.

          • Bob

            To be honest, our debating who is wrong or right here is futile where we don’t know what the exact situation was.

            Were I in an M6 doing highly illegal speeds in the fast lane, and a guy joined the highway and then immediately jumped into my lane, I can see how not braking may have happened. Sometimes we trust others on the road not to be idiots, by the time he realised that this guy was doing what he did the right course of action may have been to try avoid the accident as a whole. In this particular instance, that gamble seems to have paid off.

    • 12333444333

      There is no excuse for that kind of speed

      • Bob

        I don’t know, I can think of plenty excuses.

  • BrucieBruce

    The most likely scenario based upon the M6 speed was that M6 was already in the fast lane when the slower poke Leon & X3 jumped into the faster lanes. M6 could either hit brakes, or thread the needle. I’m not sure I’d thread needle rather than break, but nice job M6 !!! Leon and X3 should learn to use the slower lanes until they can get up to speed next time.

  • Miknik

    An idiot (teh Seat, moving right over all lanes to the outer most) and an even more massive idiot (the BMW). unfortunately, that situation is hardly unusual…

  • Vassilis


  • Wandering_Spirit

    Where is the dangerous part? There was enough space. That said, you should check before merging. That’s not really the right way to do it.

  • randy randy

    The Driver in the Seat is a danger to other motorist his privilege to drive should be revoked. Just another asshole that should be shot. very clear any other assholes thinks the Seat driver is right should all be shot.
    Stick to the subject idiots nothing to do with race or type of car…simply down to the etiquette of driving!

  • Ben

    The description says the BMW was driving behind the Seat when merging, which implies it was joining the motorway from the sliproad behind the cars we can see. If it was clearly there wanting to go faster the other drivers shouldn’t have moved out until it had passed.

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