Could Lotus Be Sold To Geely And Proton To PSA?

Reports have emerged suggesting that DRB-Hicom could sell a controlling stake in Proton to PSA Group while selling Lotus to Chinese manufacturer Geely.

An unnamed source tells The Star that Geely and PSA Group are the two contenders to purchase a 51 per cent stake in Proton. However, it is reported that Geely may be given the chance to purchase Lotus from Proton as the Chinese company has little interest in purchasing Proton itself.

According to the source, “PSA is ready to invest a lot of money in Proton and build a new plant in Tanjung Malim, Perak. It has presented the best proposal to rescue and expand Proton’s operation in ASEAN.

“Proton is of no use to Geely. It wants Proton because of the auto technology in Lotus. And for PSA, which is strong in sport-utility vehicles (SUVs), it is not keen on Lotus.”

PSA Group and Geely were the only two automakers to submit bids to become Proton’s new strategic partner before applications closed last week.

PSA has the most to gain from the Proton deal as it would allow it to tap into a market where its existing models are few and far between. This would also serve as a lifeline to Proton which has been crippled by financial issues for years.

A split between Proton and Lotus would also be well overdue as reports of the two parting ways have been circulating since 2011.


  • ediotsavant

    Volvo and Lotus will make a great family.

    • seriously

      any large automaker honestly if for no other reason than to use their motorsports and performance tech. Lotus just doesn’t have the funds to survive it seems

    • Bash

      if Volvo wanted to acquire a company, SAAB would be better one, don’t you think?

      • Benjamin B.

        SAAB doesn’t exist anymore.

        • Bash

          I know.

      • Volvo had no money to buy anyone, Geely bought them and gave them the money to do what they wanted for years… and they did a good job. Sadly GM got all wrong with Saab, stopped Geely and others to buy Saab by fear for their tech being stolen, and killed all chances for the brand to be saved. Wich is sad, a lot of companies wanted Saab for the Phoenix platform. Saab could have been saved or could have made money if GM just wated, they had the 9-4x (stupid GM by killing Saab they also found themselves with a factory out of work) the 9-5 NG, and if they did a smaller car the size of a POlo/Fiesta/… Saab would have been a smart buy for a big company making only high volumes cars. Oh wait like PSA (that was trying to save itself at the time) but with dreams of luxury and intering the US market.

    • Bo Hanan

      Geely took Volvo to the next level. I hope they buy Lotus and bring back the Esprit.

  • Kash

    Lotus tuned Volvo’s…… just imagine it…

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Lotus tuned P-oh wait.

    Looks like we’re all thinking the same thing 🙂

  • Ilbirs

    In my opinion it makes more sense PSA putting its hands on Proton than on Opel.

  • Hoe

    Volvo and Lotus together sounds like a big thing… I’d like to see a serious rival block to the Germans

  • jfalckt

    PSA seem to have a lot of money on their hands right now!

    It seems to make much more sense buying Proton rather than Opel/Vauxhall, there’s less overlap of products plus it would give PSA a strong foothold in Asia.

  • yoyoyo323

    Where is PSA getting all this dough…Ambassador in India, Opel in Europe and now Proton…I thought they were in massive trouble not all that long ago. Dongfeng has a 14% stake in PSA (as does the French Govt and the Peugeot family) I can’t see why Dongfeng would need Proton except to keep the Government in KL happy while they presumably pump Proton badged Dongfeng’s out of that new factory Tanjung Malim.

    Actually it could be a good opportunity for Renault-Nissan and Dongfeng to replace Datsun with Venucia as the true Asia-Pacific version of Dacia.

    Geely would be better off competing for Opel; Lotus might be marginally useful but if they could land Opel/Vauxhall/OPC/VXR/Bedford that would really transform them into a serious player globally. That would give them: Geely, Lync & Co, Volvo, LTI, Opel, Vauxhall, OPC, VXR, a reborn Bedford (for pick-ups) and potentially Lotus too.

  • Benjamin B.

    Does this mean a new Lotus will come with the Volvo turbocharged and supercharged hybrid T8 engine.

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