Not Again…Four BMWs And Porsche 911 Stolen From Chicago Dealership

Four BMWs and a silver Porsche were stolen from a Chicago car dealership in the early hours of Friday morning last week.

CBS reports that a group of at least 10 broke into the Autobarn dealer in Evanston at approximately 12:15 am. Police say that the group of thieves then broke into the office where the car keys were kept and made off with four BMWs, including an M3, X3 and Z4 as well as a 2003 Porsche 911 Turbo.

Using GPS trackers affixed to the vehicles, two of the BMWs were swiftly found abandoned on Lake Shore Drive. Shortly after, another BMW and the 911 Turbo were located but as of late Friday morning, the white X3 was still missing.

This isn’t the first time the dealership has been targeted by thieves. In fact, two high-end cars were stolen from the dealer last month when the keys had been left in them during business hours.

Last week, two dealerships in Naperville, Chicago were also targeted by a group of brazened thieves who made off with six luxury vehicles. Back in November, a further nine cars from Mike Anderson Chevrolet nearby were stolen.

Speaking with reporters after this most recent theft, Evanston Police Cmdr. Joe Dugan said authorities were investigating if the robberies are related.

“That’s something that the detectives will be looking at; whether they’re related, as far as the same crew doing it, or whether it’s just a new method that individuals are using,” he said.