Speeding Porsche Kills Four After Crashing Into Parked Car With Mother And Child Inside

Four people, including a 33 year old mother and her 3 year old child, were tragically killed in Greece today when the driver of a speeding Porsche crashed into their car at a rest area on the highway.

George Vakakis, 24 year old son of Greek businessman and owner of children’s toy retailer Jumbo, was killed when he lost control of his Porsche at high speed on the A1 Motorway, some 80 km (50 miles) outside of Athens. According to eyewitnesses, the road was wet at the time.

The German sports car uncontrollably slid across the highway smashing into the Honda Civic of a 41 year old father who had lawfully parked at the rest area and who at the time, was in the bathroom, while his wife and child were waiting in the car.

The force of the impact was so strong that the cars blew up in a massive ball of fire.

The tragic father ran out of the restroom when he heard the crash and the explosion, but there was nothing he could do.

The fourth victim of this shocking incident was the passenger of the Porsche who has yet to be identified, but who police think was probably not wearing his seatbelt, as he was thrown out of the car upon impact.

A nearby security camera captured the crash on video. The sight of the father running outside is just heartbreaking.

Warning the video contains images that some may find disturbing


  • Kash

    The only good thing that i can see here is that the father won’t have to bury one while he tries to decide if he should pull the plug on the other. God rest their souls and i hope their death was quick and painless.

    Edit: I’m gonna leave my original comment up but I’ll rewrite it for people who don’t seem to understand what it means.

    In this situation there’s very few outcomes, there was no way anyone walked away from this or even survived to tell about it later, best case scenario all 4 people become vegetables with no hope of ever recovering after they spend days to weeks in ICU/burn wards in excruciating pain, probably dealing with numerous infections, and the excruciating pain that comes with being burned on the majority of their body, then the cleaning procedures they have to endure to try and avoid infections and prepare for skin grafts is, it’s not something you ever want to be anywhere near even if you hate the person. This outcome, where everyone, hopefully leaves this world in as little pain as possible and their loved ones aren’t forced to watch them go through everything i just mentioned, is the least worst possible outcome. All outcomes in this scenario are horrible but this one was just 0.00000000000000000000001% less horrible, i know it doesn’t look like it, but it is. Even if they were to survive they’d be brain dead after an impact like that and that’s IF they survived their injuries from the impact and the ones from being burned alive (more like blown up), and if they survived all that they’ll never wake up, they’ll never be more than a vegetable and that’s a horrible thing to say but it’s true.

    No amount of money would’ve ever been able to save any of these people even if the a fire truck was parked there waiting, eventually they all would’ve died from this, so I don’t know about you guys but personally I’d rather see this happen if it was my family than watch them suffer in a hospital anymore than they had to, after being blown up. That’s what my original comment was talking about. Right now, this guy can at least try and move past this whole situation thinking that his wife and son didn’t suffer in excruciating pain at the end, he won’t have to live with having to watch his wife or kid suffer in pain.

    In situations like these, those small things are the things that will help this man cope with their deaths and they’ll be the small things that he tells himself to get through the day, that’s what i was saying.

    • SgtBeavis

      No, there is zero good here.

      • Kash

        You realize my comment was about things not being as bad as they could be right? like he could’ve had to bury his wife while his kid was in the hospital brain dead and he spends years looking for hope that his kid will pull through some day only to have to muster up the ability to give up hope of that ever happening because it won’t, and pull the plug on his kid after spending years of not actually dealing with this situation and then being thrown back into it all as if it just happened. That’s something that will push someone to kill themselves.

        It’s the case of ripping the bandaid off quickly in one motion instead of doing it slowly.

        • baofe

          Dude. Stop. Mentioning anything “good” from this story is just asking for trouble. It’s a sad day for everyone involved lets just leave it at that.

        • Vassilis

          Some times it’s better to say nothing at all.

          • Kash

            You’re absolutely right, sometimes it is best to not saying anything, and you should’ve taken your own advice.

          • Bo Hanan

            Always needing the last word. You never learn.

        • SgtBeavis

          Kash, I’m not trying to throw you under the bus here. In the grand scheme of things your comments aren’t really that big of a deal. But you’re totally lacking any empathy here. Imagine you’re this guys buddy, meeting him at the morgue after this tragedy, and saying something like that to him. I don’t know about that poor fella but I’d at least be thinking about kicking your ass.

          There is nothing good here. His family is gone. You’re comparing shit to crap and then trying to rationalize your thinking. Just stop. It’s OK. It’s just an internet comment. We all screw up (I sure as hell do). Walk away and try to do better next time…..

          • nauticalone


          • Kash

            I have more empathy and understanding of this kind of situation than probably anyone else in these comments does.

            About a year after me and my husband started dating his 2 younger brothers got into a horrible hiking accident, one was DOA, the other was rushed to the hospital to spend hours in surgery. His brothers fell off a cliff, one landed on a guy’s trailer. My husband was listed as his brother’s next of kin and was in charge of all his medical decisions. He was adamant about doing everything possible to try and save his brother all in hopes of his brother waking up. This lasted for 4 months and my husband spent every waking moment at the hospital and he only left when someone else was with his brother and several times that was me, especially near the end when his siblings and their parents couldn’t bring themselves to go and visit, and he was only ever at home to shower, change, and eat.

            His brother never woke up or ever showed a sign of brain activity, nothing. He spent those 4 months mourning one brother’s death while maintaining hope the other would wake up some day, only to eventually give up all that hope. That is not something you want to see or go through, it’s actually worse than this video, i know it’s hard to believe but it is. The therapist i found to help him through the grieving process was nice enough to come to the hospital and talk with my husband there, she understood and even though she gave me tips and worked with me to prepare me for all of it, it wasn’t enough.

            On a Monday he told me he was seriously thinking about pulling the plug, on Sunday morning he told the doctors that he wanted to do it the next night. In that week I watched every ounce of hope leave him, it’s something so unreal and heart breaking and depressing, that nothing has compared to it to this day, not only watching my husband go through it all but seeing this person who I knew for over a year and someone who had stayed in my house numerous times, someone who i saw as family, being hooked up to every machine imaginable. In the short amount of time I knew him, i called him my brother.

            Just before the accident we had moved in together, so for the next few months i had to watch my husband 24/7, i set up nanny cams to watch him at work, i had friends stopping in when i wasn’t there, because i was worried he was going to kill himself. It was worse than when the accident itself happened and he found one brother is dead and the other probably won’t make it. It got to the point I was ready to put a feeding tube in him because he wasn’t eating and he lost over 60lbs, he was hardly showering, and if he wasn’t in bed he was on the couch and he was only the couch because i kicked him out of bed for the day. I cooked 3 meals a day and had to literally feed him by hand. He only really showered when I put him in it.

            Have you ever been dragged onto the floor of a shower with someone via a bearhug as the person sobs uncontrollably all while you’re fully dressed? I have, numerous times, to the point i kept the soap on the floor so i could wash him while we sat there.

            It got the point I had to drag him to Mexico to stay at his parents to try and get away from things, i got his other siblings to come down there a well and they didn’t realize how bad he had gotten and by the end of the trip they were all making plans to come visit us so they could be there for him.

            Do you know what he told me when he finally got out of his funk? “At least they’re not in pain anymore” and he told me he regretted keeping his brother on life support for those 4 months and to this day it’s his biggest regret and always will be. I know he still beats himself up over it. The last time we talked about this was almost a year ago when he decided to stop therapy and when I asked him if he thought he could handle it he told me that he just keeps telling himself that “they’re not in pain anymore, that’s the important thing” and it’s been helping him cope with it, and that’s something me, his family, and his therapist all told him after he pulled the plug.

            To this day i will still wake up at least once a month to him crying in the bathroom about it all. He will never get over it, but he lives with it by telling himself the same thing “they’re not in pain anymore”

            Don’t ever tell me I don’t have empathy or I don’t know what this guy is going through, again, i have a better idea of what this guy went through and what he’s going to go through in the coming months and years and probably decade than most people ever will. My comment was from a place that knows EXACTLY what this guy is going through.

            So if I was the guy’s buddy at the morgue I would tell him “at least they’re in a better place and not in any pain.” Would i tell him “it could be worse” f*ck no, but i would also tell him that everything happened so quickly there’s no way they ever felt any pain and probably had no idea what was even happening, but they knew he loved them and that’s all that matters.

          • sis

            Because you have been in a situation with a different outcome you compare it to this situation which isn’t comparable at all and then complain that no one gets where you coming from. Well, ok, then.

          • Kash

            I wasn’t complaining that no one knew where i was coming from, i was pissed that someone said i had no empathy, when they knew nothing about me and didn’t even bother to ask if i had any idea what this guy had been through before attacking me. Instantly they, and others, jumped to the conclusion i had no first hand experience with this stuff and were making comments based on their own assumptions about me. So yeah i was pissed that a bunch of people assumed some things about me and dared to say i wasn’t being empathetic.

            My original comment came from a place of complete understanding and from seeing a similar scenario play out in a different outcome and seeing what it did to the people around the victims and talking to them about it. So go ahead and crucify me if you want, but i stand by my comments, all of them and if you or anyone else want to call me names or make some more assumptions and make judgements about me based on those assumptions, ya’ll can pound some sand for all I care.

          • Xave

            While i get where you are coming from, the problem people are having here is the manner in which you said it. an incident like this is a very sensitive matter and should be handled as such. you cannot be so straight forward and expect it to go by without people calling you out on it or thinking of you as insensitive; even if that wasnt your intention. when a subject calls for sensitivity, you need to handle it with tact and care. Furthermore, going all defensive is not the correct way to handle it either, it just makes you come off as a total douche (i dont think you are, just saying it from their perspective). I simple apology and a more sensitive edit would have sufficed. I mean to ill-will to you; just wanted to shed some light as to why people were so annoyed with your comments.
            Either way, may this guys family rest in peace and hope he pulls through OK. Its a read sad thing to happen to anyone.

          • donald seymour

            Kash, why are you not blogging? And be a little more empathetic next time. I want to see you post more. You have stop posting. Start back.

          • Kash

            I haven’t stopped posting, I’ve just stopped coming to this site. I’ve been over on Motorauthority (they use Disqus as well and run less fluff pieces) and I’ve also been dealing with my back. I did about 35-40mph into the side of a BMW E60 in my CTS-V back in late January/early Feb and my doc can’t figure out what’s causing it, I’m on anti-inflammatories and they aren’t even helping pain wise. I’ve had an MRi, CT Scan, numerous X-rays from every angle, I’ve done everything from hot stone massages to acupuncture and nothing seems to be working. The only car i ride in is my husband’s Ghost because everything else rides so hard, even then i can’t ride in it for any length of time.

            So right now I’m sleeping a couple hours here and there and then I’m awake and walking around or hanging on an inversion table trying to not be in pain and avoid taking pain meds. I just got a cortizone shot between my shoulders yesterday and i don’t think it’s working, but i’ll wait a couple days to pass judgement.

            I hired a personal assistant because I can’t work right now and she’s literally a walking iPad case/robot stand thing. She carries the iPad around while i FaceTime with it so i can still meet with my clients, i can still shop for them, and I can even go to job sites and keep an eye on renovations all from bed or the inversion table, etc. If I could i would strap the iPad to her face.

          • donald seymour

            Wow, sorry to hear that. I know you will get better soon. So, let’s start with your diet. I want you to start juicing and eating healthier. Stay away from red meats and do as much plant protein as you can. Go to whole foods and buy chia seeds. Drink plenty of water with an alkaline level of 8-9, and nothing above 9, because that is just soap. Last but not least, I feel that you need to forgive some people in your life and let things go.

            Here is my recipe for a healthy smoothie
            Organic Kale
            Really ripe bananas
            virgin cod liver oil
            4 table spoons of chia seeds
            and a green apple.

            Do this 2 times a day and you will get better. And I will be praying for you and your complete health. That being said I want to see more post from you, well at least when you deemed it okay to post.

          • Kash

            I eat mostly chicken and only eat red meat in the form of steak, carne asada, and kabobs and not that often (1-3x a month at most) and haven’t since the accident. I already eat fairly healthy and haven’t had any fast food or takeout since the accident, except the night it happened and it was Chinese food.

            This is either a severely fractured vertebrae(s) or just some seriously bruised/torn deep tissue stuff, at least that’s what my doc says is most likely (he has a couple other possibilities but I didn’t ask about them because they weren’t very likely), it’s just trying to figure out if it’s something we need to operate on or something we just need to wait out and let heal on it’s own.

            Thank you though, i do appreciate it.

          • donald seymour

            Well get better. I’m glad that you are okay though.

          • Kash

            again, thank you.

    • chumaxa .

      Don’t be stupid, there is nothing positive here, what the hell are you talking about. The video is truly horrifying …

    • 12333444333

      I understand what you are saying. Two shit alternatives but better than vegetablised people.

      • Kash

        i was starting to think that no one understood what i meant and everyone was just thinking i was some sick bastard or something…

        • Yuki Matsui

          You are … don’t kid yourself.

          • Kash

            wow, what a thought provoking comment! Now don’t strain yourself writing more like it.

    • Six_Tymes

      your a sad human, take down your lecture.

      • Kash

        oh no, your words, they hurt so much! You’ve bested me!

        p.s. it’s “you’re” since you’re calling me names, it’s a contraction of the words “you” and “are” where as “your” is possessive as in “your words.”

    • saul gerstenhaber

      a long-winded way to say that no could could have walked away alive or without life-altering injuries.

      • Kash

        I thought it was obvious from the cover photo or reading the article, hence my original comment, but apparently i was wrong so i went long with an edit.

  • kachuks

    I’m not f***ing watching this.

    • Phil Navarro

      Exactly….I scrolled down to read the comments only. No way I’m hitting play.

    • SteersUright

      Totally agreed. No way Im watching this!
      I have to add something though, f%!k that 24 yr old for street racing and his rich daddy who enabled it! These deaths are on his head too and this is hardly the first time we hear of this situation playing out like this. Remember Hulk Hogan’s kid? And there are too many other stories like this.
      High powered cars belong on tracks, not risking everyone else’s life being driven carelessly on public streets. Its just selfish! I truly believe there is no place for cars with over 250hp on public roads. There’s is just no real need for it. Sure powerful toys are “fun”, but that “fun” belongs on a track. Street cars should have governors limiting them to actual speed limits based on GPS positioning. Public roads are for commuting safely and nothing else. You shouldn’t have to be worried about your family or personal safety because of some kid or reckless adult wants to “have a little fun” or “open her up” with their street legal race car. Well, all cars are heading towards autonomous driving on streets anyway, so hopefully my point will be moot within the next decade and traffic deaths are reduced to nearly nil.

      • Bash

        I totally agree with everything you said up there… the 250hp limit that you said seems a bit unrealistic, I mean you can get, say a Kia sorento with 280hp or or a Honda Accord with 270(?), so its hard to find a relatively descent car that matches your criteria.. on the other hand, I believe even with a most crappy (whatever brand) 40hp vehicle can cause a horrifying tragic accident when not in control, its all depends on the driver, not the car.

        • SteersUright

          I picked 250hp kinda arbitrarily. What I really meant was that commuter cars for public roads should do a good job of getting people places and safely, nothing more. We all love amazing sports cars or we wouldnt be checking Carscoops daily. But we also love our families being safe from crap like this.

        • Jay

          They cannot regulate the driver as much as they can the car.

      • CarCzarDesigner

        I don’t agree with everything you say here. How do you know this kid’s rich father didn’t warn him about the dangers of speeding? How do you know the rich kid wasn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol when this happened?

        If you know anything about American history, there was something called Prohibition, which tried to get people to slow down and tried to get people to change their habits. It didn’t work!

        People are told drinking & driving is a very bad idea and they don’t listen. Countless people have died, even famous celebrities and yet little has changed. People are told not to text and drive, their are even Laws prohibiting it…but they do it anyway. They understand they could kill someone or kill themselves but, they fail to change their behavior.

        Is it really the availability of being able to buy a powerful car that is the problem of our ills or careless individuals that misuse and abuse these machines? What about those car owners who act in a responsible and sensible manner? For example, some car clubs like the Porsche Club of America demand that members drive responsibly, forgo speeding or reckless driving and set an example for other drivers. Why should responsible super car owners be denied because of a handful of selfish, reckless, ignoramus jerks decided to gamble with other peoples lives, when they get behind the wheel?

        Autonomous cars are not going to save the day. If you believe that, then you are delusional! Just wait till a criminal figures out how to use the technology for the purpose of doing evil.

        • SteersUright

          100hp or 1000hp, it makes no difference if all cars are speed governed none can go so fast as to become fireballs and take out a family with them. Alas, cars are not currently autonomously speed restricted and so it is up to the driver (and if he is young, his parents) to make wise decisions and respect the safety of others on the road. As we can see time and again, people are all to capable of moments of indirection in a way that an algorithm is not, and tragedy often ensues when it is on public roads.
          Prohibition had to do with slowing down? Wtf? No comment. Anywho, with the advent of autonomous driving just around the corner and speeding arbitrarily will hopefully become a thing of the past whether you drive a Porsche or a Corolla.

      • Silimarina

        What are you saying doesn’t make sense.If you are a careless driver on public streets, you can do what the porsche driver did even in a 100 hp car.Today even a 100 hp car can reach 200 Km/h (125 mph).

        • SteersUright

          Sili, pay attention, I already mentioned that the hp I mentioned was arbitrary. My point was, today we count on people to self-control their impulses and drive their wildly powerful cars in a law abiding manner. And today we get families going up in a fireball in a manner that is both reprehensible and actually avoidable. Let go of the HP portion of the argument, again, I was making a point and not calculating the actual physics of at what horsepower a car tops out at the speed limit. If that were the case I should’ve suggested a 12hp limit rather than 250hp. My primary point was, allowing people to drive unrestricted ON PUBLIC ROADS (do whatever you like on a track) has resulted in traffic deaths taking out more people than most wars ( I read that somewhere) and nobody should have to commute in fear for themselves or their families because of assholes in high powered machinery who disregard all rules for a moment of pleasure or showing off.

  • BrucieBruce

    Should a 24 year old male be driving a modern Porsche 911? This is so sad, especially when innocent bystanders are killed. I have to wonder if driver error played a large part in this accident. RIP

    • 12333444333

      It’s not about age it’s about being responsible. Should a 16 year old be able to access a sharp kitchen knife to cut vegetables?

      • Knotmyrealname

        In that scenario he’d only hurt himself, not ruin others lives.

        And like some others, I couldn’t bring myself to watch it. RIP.

    • Sebastien

      I strongly believe that performance cars like this should only be given to people with a) a number of years of driving experience and b) only if those people have a special driving license granted for taking an extensive advanced driving course.

      If you watch the video you can see how fast he was going. It was wet and he was driving stupidly fast.
      So sad for everyone involved.

      • drc

        Disagree. Age has nothing to do with Responsibility. I bought my first Porsche 911 when I was 22 years old and never wrecked, or caused anyone harm with it (maybe the points on my driver’s license a little). I’m now 62 years old and on my fifth Porsche 911. Still haven’t crashed it out or hurt anyone with it.

        • Sebastien

          A few years ago, a 20 year old lost his life because he got behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Diablo, didn’t appreciate it’s power and ended up killing himself and three others because he took a 80km/ph bend. At nearly 200 km/ph. In a residential area.

          If he’d a) had at least a number of years actual driving experience and b) (preferably) an advanced driving course under his belt, he and those three others would likely still be alive.

          The majority of performance car crashes are due to inexperience, either directly ( they recently got their license ), or were never taught how to drive a performance car, especially at speed ( advanced driver courses ).

          Yes, it would be an inconvenience to those who want to buy their Porsche at 22 😉 – but I believe it’s a necessary precaution.

          • drc

            Where do you draw the line at what is defined at a “Performance Car”? Camaro? Mustang? Fiat Abarth? And then at what age does one no longer need be “qualified”. I have been a HPDE Instructor for 21 years and the ONLY student that crashed me out with injuries was a 48 year old man in a BMW 328i Sedan who had done a dozen HPDE schools prior to putting us in the tree line at Summit Point off T3. Hardly fits the profile of “young man in a high performance car”.

            Know how you prevent this sort of thing? It’s not by mandating it through criteria to be passed, it’s by having driverless cars. When everyone is in a Google Car, all the shenanigans will dissapear. That’s the way to have safety, until them there will always be incidents like this as humans make bad judgements from time to time.

    • vazelos013

      Greek news indicates it was a 911 (997) Turbo Cab and that the kid had older tires on it (not sure how true the tires part is).

    • S3XY

      I’m 23 years old and am superiorly responsible and my Dad lets me drive his Tesla because he knows how good of a driver I am. It’s so funny because everyone in my age group drives like douchebags and just dont know how to drive properly in general.

  • Nordschleife

    May the casualties of this horrific accident Rest In Peace. May the husband find solace during this difficult time. My condolences to all families.

  • Bash

    RIP… it was a bad decision to watch it… feel really depressed, this is sad

  • baofe

    That man. The one who lost his family. No words can describe how sorry I am for his loss.

  • 12333444333

    The speed that Porsche must have been going… disgusting

  • That Porsche at the time of the impact had aprox. 170kms. The road was wet, mind you that it is a Greek road even though it is an interstate( water drains usually cross the roads vertically and most of the times in turns) and the parked car was right in front of a concrete wall that helped split it in half….. It was a tragic moment!!!

    • kariverson

      Where did you get the 170km/h? Every source says over easily over 220km/h. It’s a 997 GT2. The dumbfuck kid has no excuse going that fast on wet road.

      • I am referring at the moment of impact. Spacing between parking spaces is aprox 6 meters. He traveled 20 meters in 0,42 secs. That brings out an aproximate of 170 kmh. Also i never gave any excuse to the Porsche driver if indeed it is true that he had 10 years old tires on that car

  • Balcis

    I know what fast is but this is an uncontrolled speed disaster. fuck it.

  • Том Андджери

    Жесть 🙁

  • John Doll

    Four people’s lives snuffed out in a second because of stupidity and callous disregard.

  • dumblikeyou2

    I watched this just to remind me not to act like an a-hole on the public roads. Take it to a track speedsters.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Why would you even make pressing play an option? This is so very sad reading about it to begin with.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      God let them rest, and have us learn from our mistakes.

  • TheBelltower

    Can Carscoops please use a little restraint and not post snuff films here? I think I’m going to give this site a rest for awhile.

  • 1lazysheep

    this video should not have been shared. are you THAT desperate for clicks?

    • Obsequious Lickspittle

      I kind of agree. However if one person watches it and sees for themselves what reckless driving can do and it makes them think about their own driving style; well, I don’t believe if it justifies its promotion but…och, I’m not sure at all really.
      My condolences to the poor man.

  • harry smith

    George Vakakis is a contemptible maggot. Rot in hell, child killer.

  • europeon

    That looks like an LPG explosion. One more reason why it should be banned.

  • BlackPegasus

    And people still insist that “god” does exist. For those who do, simply ask him/her/it WHY?

  • rokag3

    Young people should be able to control a car on Ice before to drive fast, they will learn how fast a car can be out of control and how to take it back in track 35km/h on ice is very similar to 250km/h but the consequence are obviously not so dramatic.
    Also to drive VERY fast more than 240 a check list and hardware control must be performed like a plane
    This despite any other regulation

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