World’s Fastest Honda S2000 Has Over 375 HP Per Cylinder!

Until the Ferrari 458 Italia came along, the JDM-spec Honda S2000 held the title of the most horsepower per liter for a naturally-aspirated production car, producing 247 horses from its 1,997 cc engine.

Although the F22 engine of the S2000 hasn’t proven as popular to modify as the likes of Toyota’s 2JZ six-cylinder, V8 enthusiasts shouldn’t ignore the potential of the F22 with some forced induction. Here’s an example why.

This Honda S2000 retains its four-cylinder engine and benefits from a multitude of serious performance modifications, including the fitment of a gigantic turbocharger. The results are simply astonishing. It delivers 1,351 hp at the rear wheels, equating to over 375 hp per cylinder!

Consequently, this S2K is fast. So fast in fact that it is the world’s fastest and recently set an incredible 6.9 second quarter mile at 186 mph (300 km/h), a truly bonkers time for a car with just four small cylinders.


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    lol wow… look at that crazy clutchless shifting. lol. insane….

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    I’ll have 8 cylinders thanks!

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    i’ve been down the strip at Speedworld a coupla times before myself.
    It’s nothing to write home about.

    …at the 1 minute mark, they mysteriously show 6 rods in a row

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    little rocket

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