2018 Audi A8: Here’s A Good Idea Of What It Will Look Like

Audi is set to reveal its all-new A8 flagship luxury sedan on July 11. And not a moment too soon, considering that the current model is getting a little long in the proverbial tooth.

But while we wait for that to come around, here’s a pretty good idea of what it will look like.

This latest rendering from Jan Peisert is based on the latest spy shots of prototypes for the forthcoming fourth-generation A8 undergoing testing. It also borrows stylistic elements from other Audi designs we’ve seen recently, including the Prologue Avant concept, the new SQ5 crossover, and the latest TT coupe.

The result may yet prove the most accurate depiction of the next-generation luxury sedan, set to make its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

When it does, it will be better positioned to take on the newer competition in the forms of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class (released in 2013), BMW 7 Series (launched in 2015), and Lexus LS (revealed just two months ago) – to say nothing of the Maserati Quattroporte (2012) and the Jaguar XJ that will remain the oldest horse in the race (having arrived in 2009).

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  • Mike Davis

    Looks like the 2018 Hyundai Accent Sedan.

  • salamOOn

    oh no, why….

  • U8INIT

    Let’s hope not…

  • roy

    I’ll take it… If it looks like this

  • TheBelltower

    Hope not. Audi is starting to do what Toyota is doing. All of the design elements are in the front and rear plastic bits, while the overall car is conventional and ordinary. Oh, and fake vents and exhaust tips are something I never thought I’d see from Audi. It’s a disjointed way to design a car.

    • Carmaker1

      Really? Considering that Audi’s introduction of the grille on the C6 and 2004 D3 W12, partly inspired the Spindle Grille mandate ordered in 2010 for the Lexus line-up of this decade.

      It is ridiculous how hypocritical some of us can be, just because a subject of contention happens to be an Oriental motoring giant and not a Teutonic nameplate. Audi’s grille has been grotesque in some applications with bland surfacing, just as has been the case with Lexus.

      • TheBelltower

        Audi’s grille was initially an inelegant solution done, in part, to be in compliance with EU pedestrian crash standards. It was a bit of a visual jolt, but there was a function to it. That is not the same as what they are doing now, or the nonsense that Toyota/Lexus has been doing for a decade. That is, applying a $h!t ton of go-fast plastic or visual boogers to otherwise ordinary and unspectacular designs. Stylistically, Toyota is today’s Pontiac.

        • Dexterbarnes+MinoreeTee =GAYYY

          And Acura is the NEW Oldsmobile!

      • Dexterbarnes+MinoreeTee =GAYYY

        The Lexus grill is by far the worst. It looks like a gaping mouth eagerly waiting to take on two hard coc k s. Can anyone say Buka ke ? Lol.

  • Honda NSX-R

    The new Lexus LS has a better looking front end than this.

    • U8INIT

      Than this rendering…sure!

    • Dexterbarnes+MinoreeTee =GAYYY

      Ummm, Not.

      That gaping cockready mouth on the Lexus is just fugly. Lol.

  • pcurve

    Must suck to be an exterior designer at Audi.

    • nastinupe

      I know right! But I thought, no, I wanted to, no, can’t we just, no, a few curves…, no, lets change, no, If only the, no. I’ll just change the lights and make the lines of the car straighter? Yes yes and yes! Well done sir, here’s your check don’t spend it all in one place.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Not unexpected. Not exciting.

  • Carmaker1

    What poor reporting by Carscoops. The Jaguar XJ was launched in May 2010, not in 2009. The Quattroporte was introduced in 2012, NOT 2013. The W222 S-Class was launched in July 2013, NOT 2014. The G11 7er was not launched last year, but in October and November 2015 depending on market.

    Why are you people so lazy at times and cannot get simple facts right, yet expect readers to trust your credibility? The only thing you managed to even get right was the LS. Only because you saw it 2 1/2 months ago.

    The only highlight of tihs article, is the work of an outsider (Jan). Josh Byrnes seems to be the only person that makes a good effort here, as opposed to the so-called journalists.

  • Carmaker1

    Carscoops cannot get any info right, regarding any of the above models. Save for the new LS. So uninformative, as it’s XJ X351: May 2010, Quattroporte: 2012, W222: July 2013, and BMW G11: October 2015. Keep blocking my comments, to hide your inability to deliver accurate news.

    • JohnCarscoop

      Nothing was blocked, your comments were awaiting moderation. The author mixed up the model years with the actual introduction dates. Fixed now, no need to be rude (and unlike you, I’m being polite here) about it. Speaking of mistakes, you might also want to check your sources about insisting that the XJ was introduced in 2010. http://www.carscoops.com/2009/07/live-video-stream-of-2010-jaguar-xj.html.

      • Carmaker1

        Why is it that one can count on articles written by John Halas to be excellently written, but the others are either hit or miss, being purely click bait Russian dash cam video or cookie cutter unofficial rendering articles (BMW truck)? The content here was 5-star quality, when Halas wrote most of everything.

        For that matter, I am extremely impressed with the renderings of Josh Byrnes, as that is one other good thing Carscoops is great with.

        And yes, I am correct, considering having been employed by JLR and also working on the X351 and its successor at Whitley. When I attended that debut on July 9, 2009 at Saatchi Gallery, was I able to buy and take home an XJ at my local Guy Salmon dealer? No, as clearly it was not available.

        Job #1 was in March 2010, sales launch was May 2010. Car got delayed a few months due to some teething issues.

        Press introduction does not equal market launch, so I am entirely correct on this and it does matter, in terms of when customers can first take delivery versus some early reveal at an event or motor show.

        If the marketplace went off of press reveals and not production or launch dates, it would be a very different story how a model life-cycle is determined.

  • Bash


  • Knotmyrealname

    Pack the rulers away, will you Audi?

  • alexxx

    we have already seen it…10 years ago ;-))))

  • Ermal Morina

    Looks like an upper class Skoda.
    C’mon Audi,you desperately need to change the design language.

  • getoffme

    Bwahahahahahahahaha. Nice joke Audi.

  • Lord I hope not!

  • Dennis James

    It will look like any other Audi in the last 20 years.

  • Not here yet, still already bored by it. It’s going to be what the Phaeton was (with better sales).

  • Jim Ragland

    Looks safe as usual. Only the tech will decide if it’s a good car or not.

  • Jesse A. C. Majors

    Audi needs to break from this design language. It has them trapped. It’s only so much you can do with a catfish mouth grill

    • Dexterbarnes+MinoreeTee =GAYYY

      But that grill looks wayyy better than that gaping hole lexus calls a grill. Lol. And yes Audi needs to refresh it’s grill since Hyundai is now copying them.

  • Very nice look. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dexterbarnes+MinoreeTee =GAYYY

    Looks pretty awesome though I don’t believe these renderings do it true justice. That being said It looks a hell of alot better than the generic lexus with the plastic useless exterior molds, vinyl and cowhide leather and oh that ugly gaping mouth.

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