Audi A4 Driver Out-Brakes Truck, Gets Unsolicited Love Tap

The problem with cutting in front of another vehicle, even if it’s not a particularly dangerous maneuver, is that you’re now relying on that vehicle’s ability to brake as well as you can.

That’s exactly what we see here, where the driver of this Audi A4 (B8) wanted to reach the junction ahead the truck she was overtaking – unfortunately, things didn’t work out well for either vehicle.

According to the description of the clip, the truck driver, one Dwayne Turner, stated that: “This lady learned her brakes are better than mine. She misjudged it and was very apologetic.”

While we can’t argue against her braking perhaps a little to early and too close to that truck, it does seem as though the truck driver could have stayed on his brakes more consistently, as some pointed out in the Youtube comments section.

Fortunately, the impact was about as light as they get in traffic, and so we doubt that the Audi took on any major damage.