BMW M Asshat Compilation Will Make You Pull Your Hair

Not using the turn signals, cutting you off or deciding to park right in the middle of the road, what’s your BMW ‘asshat’ encounter story?

Well, for a few unlucky motorists, it involved an M3 E36 blocking a highway just because its driver wanted to show off in front of his friends. Nobody fought back and the entire thing ended in a few seconds, but imagine telling that to your boss as an excuse of why you’re late to work.

Drifting in a roundabout is something that goes with rear-wheel drive territory, and the older the car, the better – an E60 M5 in this case, which can still throw a punch from its V10 engine, but isn’t really show off material.

Have you tuned your M3 E46? Well, how about heading to a nearby highway in the middle of the night and push the throttle all the way down?

These are just a few examples from a 2.30-minute long compilation that was uploaded on YouTube more than a year ago, but since the video platform is basically a never-ending source of fun, it recently came to our attention.