The 2018 VW Atlas Is For Active Parents In This New Ad

The Volkswagen Atlas is a really big SUV, the first from the company that popularized small cars in the US.

In this first 60-second ad for the seven-seat Atlas, you can see how going from small cars to big SUVs was essential to keep its customers who keep expanding their household. The spot called “Luv Bug” shows, according to VW, “the evolution of the Volkswagen brand through the eyes of a growing American family.” Even in the first few seconds, it also apparently serves as VW’s guide to family planning.

Now is where someone who owned a Beetle in the ’50s might recall how two adults, four kids and a dog would fit perfectly fine in that old air-cooled model, but it’s 2017 and that’s not really how today’s parents think, hence the Atlas’ three rows of seats and cavernous interior.

The 2018 Atlas goes on sale later this spring, competing with models such as the Ford Explorer and Honda Pilot, with prices ranging between $30,000 and $48,000. Which you might want to know in case your family is about to grow.