BMW Officially Begins 2018 X3 Countdown With Release Of Prototype Pictures And Video

BMW took to Northern Sweden recently where a bunch of all-new 2018MY X3 prototypes had to prove they can withstand freezing temperatures and slippery conditions.

These winter trials were held around the small town of Arjeplog, just 56 km (34.8 miles) south of the polar circle, where temperatures often drop to minus 20 degrees, causing the lakes in the surrounding area to freeze over.

In turn, this offered BMW vast, even surfaces, which the automaker used as proving grounds for testing the X3’s steering, suspension, as well as its xDrive all-wheel drive system.

According to BMW, the frozen lakes as well as the numerous remote roads with firmly packed layers of snow were also perfect for fine tuning driver assistant systems such as Dynamic Stability Control or the Dynamic Traction Control.

As for anything sticking out that shouldn’t, from underneath the camouflage, we do get a better look at the taillight graphics without the brakes being applied. The design seems to indicate two parallel light strips, with the one underneath curving upwards towards the other one – unlike with any other BMW model.

Built on the company’s scalable CLAR architecture, the all-new X3 will not only be around 100 kg (220 lbs) lighter than the outgoing model, but will also be compatible with BMW’s new plug-in hybrid powertrains.

Speaking of powertrains, the 2018 X3 is expected to feature a genuine M-powered version, unlike any of its predecessors. This model should arrive at a later stage and could offer customers more 400 horses to play with.

The all-new BMW X3 is rumored to debut at this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show in September.