Is The Hummer H2 The Most Embarrassing Car You Can Drive?

Unless you’re a professional athlete and you own a time machine to get yourself to the mid-2000s, driving around in a Hummer H2 makes about as much sense as building a monster truck out of a Toyota Prius.

In other words, it’s the exact opposite of being sensible, especially when it comes to the environment and your own personal footprint on traffic, which is where the H2 truly shines, in a bad way.

According to Doug DeMuro, the H2 will make you feel ridiculous when driving around, especially with the way we’ve been looking at pollution and fuel economy these past few years.

Of course, there are plenty of other things wrong with the H2 from both a practical as well as from a build quality perspective. It’s not exactly the most luxurious SUV you can buy (or could buy back then), with cheap plastics all throughout the cabin and relatively poor ergonomics.

Then there’s the visibility, which for a car this size, is pretty darn bad, so staying away from tight spaces is a must, unless you enjoy life’s little struggles.

Still, we’d love to get your thoughts on whether or not you’d consider owning such a car today.


  • Cursethedawn

    Not a huge fan of Doug. He’s always kinda whiny and I think he’s trying to be this humorously annoyed car review guy. Like what was the point of this video? Just to complain about a car he rented so he could complain about it?? Seems most of his videos are like this. Never learn much from his “reviews” other than he thinks he’s pretty funny.

    • Matt

      He’s owned a couple of SAAB’s, one being a very loud 9-3 Turbo X, so he can’t be that bad – nice guys drive SAABs.

    • SteersUright

      He’s like the Jay Leno of automobile reviewers, and only barely watchable, but not awful enough to instantly need to turn off like the googly eyed rich kid son, or the cringe-worthy lispy rich boy Shmee.

      • Cursethedawn

        You’re right. Now that you mention it he is like Jay Leno. Except maybe with less car knowledge.

  • kachuks

    It was a penismobile and they decided to name it “Hummer.” Nuff said.

    • Robert

      Or making up for the lack of ‘penis’ mobile.

  • T_Cake

    I don’t know. Is it worse than an H3? With an H3 you’re saying, “I’d love to have an H2, but just don’t have the budget!”

    • Matt

      Hmm I think the H2 is still worse. The H3 is at least ‘normal sized’ (some might even say practical). It doesn’t offend people quite as much.

      Instead, it might be saying, “I like the square, rugged looks of Hummer but don’t want to look like a complete douchebag”.

    • smartacus

      true that!
      H3 made the H2 look like the H1.
      They even marketed the H3 to girls
      Remember that Goldilocks commercial?

  • Finkployd

    He’s pretty ridiculous himself tbh

  • eb110americana

    At least it doesn’t have 24″ rims on it. That’s like saying, I bought an offroad vehicle that is grossly overweight and compromised in every single way, then made sure it cannot do the one thing it is built for. Then again, most SUVs and large crossovers are just overweight, unaerodynamic, poor-handling compromised replacements for wagons and vans. So no, the H2 is not the worst, as it actually can go offroad.

  • I’mCallingYouOut


  • joey

    I think the H2 it’s the most gangster car ever made.

  • Zandit75
    • Tumbi Mtika


    • T_Cake

      I’d completely forgotten about this thing. It’s the H2 owner’s mid-life crisis mobile.

  • fred

    There are plenty of other vehicles out there that are more embarrassing to drive! And those side steps are accessory option.
    Hummer H2 was a great idea but wasn’t executed right.
    not every body would like to drive super wide, rugged, bumpy, shaky, H1 with no leg room head room, or comfort.
    So H2 was created, but If it was Only had a beefier suspension, (hardcore off road capable) lighter, and a diesel. Then it be nice rig. This vehicle is about 15 years old so what you expect? plus everybody else was using too much plastic in that era.

  • smartacus

    By now you know i’m in no way a fan of H2,
    but Toyota Tercel and Honda Insight cannot possibly be less embarrassing.

  • Austin

    H2 is ok def not that bad, you couldn’t even break a hellcat loose lol pussys shouldn’t be allowed in boss whips

  • psiqtas

    Believe it Americans or not, but actually driving this Hummer in Europe makes you look cool, respectful – this car is like Escalade: celebrity on the streets and young people like it!
    I still don’t understand why so much green-hate with this SUV – there are (sports) cars on the streets that pollute more than the H2 and get worst MPG…

  • Sarah

    I love my H2, and am well aware of how ridiculous I look in it. It’s even funnier when my husband, the tough-looking biker dude, drives it, unapologetically belting out Disney tunes. I never thought of myself as cool or attention-seeking. I don’t participate in social networking or anything, and live a rather private life. I’m a professional artist who lives in a rural, rugged, mountainous region, and I simply needed a newer 4 x 4. The Hummer was hands down the best buy for a used truck or SUV. Mine is lifted with a roof basket, and rather badass compared to everything else I’ve ever driven. I get an overwhelming amount of hatred on the road in the Hummer. It’s frightening. People constantly pick fights with me, cut me off, and drive like maniacs, yelling at me and flipping me off just for being on the road. I don’t understand it, nor do I understand articles like this one, with their name-calling and poor attitudes. We’ve taken flack for all of our vehicles over the years, regardless of what they were. People always have something to say and a derogatory comment. We’re not those people. We try to be kind and supportive toward others, enabling, helping, and lifting others up. We have taught our children to be the same, and are proud of their kindness, empathy, generosity and altruism. I’m not sure how you can judge a person or their merit based solely upon what they drive. My husband and I never were part of the crowd or cool kids, anyway, but I can think of far worse cars to be driving.

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