New Cadillac Compact SUV To Be Named The XT4, Arrives In 2018

Cadillac has announced that its new crossover will be dubbed the XT4, rather than the XT3 name it was initially thought to adopt.

The automaker confirmed the news at the ongoing 2017 Geneva Motor Show while announcing that the XT4 will launch in the United States in 2018 before subsequently arriving in Europe.

In a statement, Cadillac president Johan de Nysschen said “A new compact crossover called XT4 will debut in 2018 in the US and subsequently in Europe, with an entirely new series of efficient and powerful engines. Starting with the launch of XT4, a new Cadillac will be brought to market every six months, a total of five car-lines in the space of two years.”

As the name suggests, the XT4 will slot below the XT5 and Escalada in Cadillac’s SUV/crossover range and early next decade, be accompanied by a smaller crossover that could adopt the XT3 name.

In its efforts to rival the Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Mercedes-Benz GLA, the Cadillac XT4 should be powered by a four-cylinder turbocharged engine and could come standard with a nine-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.


  • Better Late than Never?

    Cadillac is always too late to the game. A needed model five years too late. I wish them luck…they’ll need it.

    • Robert

      “Cadillac is always too late to the game” Agreed, and this is precisely Cadillac’s problem. They arrive so late, they fail to have any real impact on the market – this and coming to market with have baked product.

  • U8INIT

    What’s a Escalada🤔

    • diesel_vdub

      Either someone mis-spelled or they’re trying to be stuck up with the Escalade name.

  • Harry_Wild

    I think Cadillac miss the boat on CUV trend and it current XT5 is not exactly attractive going against the new XC60 nor is it competitive with the super luxury looking Range Rover Velar!

    • seriously

      same could be said for every car in it’s class not just the XT5

  • Benjamin B.

    So this is the fwd Ford GM transaxle.

  • Six_Tymes

    It better be very good, it has crazy amount of competition in that segment.

  • getoffme

    Rebadged Chinese crossover

  • SteersUright

    Good proportions? BMW style wheels? I dont care if they’re ripping off the X3, its about time they did. Just hope when all the camo comes off, there’s a pretty car with a nice interior under there.

  • Felipe Politano

    Still trying to get a grip on Cadillac’s new naming convention. So for now we have the bigger-than-Q5-smaller-than-Q7 XT5 and the bigger-than-A6-smaller-than-A8 CT6. If Cadillac keeps betting on that “tweener” strategy, this new XT4 will also be a bigger-than-Q3-smaller-than-Q5 affair (and it sure looks like it).

    Trying to make some sense of it, so here are my guesses for Cadillac’s lineup:

    CT4 (bigger than A3, smaller than A4, replacing the four-cylinder versions of the ATS – which Caddy has states wouldn’t be getting a DIRECT substitute; maybe FWD, but hopefully RWD)
    CT5 (bigger than A4, smaller than A6, possibly more of a four-door coupe in the vein of the A5 Sportback, replacing the CTS as the sporty sedan in the lineup; definitely RWD)
    CT6 (the bigger than A6 smaller than A8 current model, a RWD tweener with no sporting pretensions)
    Escala (a proper flagship RWD sporty sedan based on the concept and with a proper non-alphanumerical name)

    XT4 (the suppposedly bigger than Q3 smaller than Q5 model seen here)
    XT5 (the current bigger than Q5 smaller than Q7 model)
    XT6 (a stretched seven-seat Q7-sized version of the XT5)
    Escalade (the current flagship SUV beast with it own proper name)

    See the pattern? We all know Caddy’s current boss loves him some patterns and conventions.

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