1986 Alpina B7 Turbo Is A Real Treat, But Will Cost You As Much As A New M3

Long before BMW started selling Alpina vehicles at select dealerships, Alpina was the world’s leading aftermarket tuner for all things BMW, much like Ruf to Porsche and in the 1980’s, one of its finest models was the B7 Turbo.

The B7 Turbo was typically based around 528i and 535i models but the following example, up for sale on Bring a Trailer, is reported to be one of just four examples actually built around an E28-generation M5.

Power for the classic super sedan comes from a 3.5-liter inline-six engine that has been paired with a large K27 turbocharger. That’s enough of an engine to deliver approximately 320 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque, making the car still quite potent to this very day.

This B7 initially resided in Germany but was imported to Canada 13 years ago with 137,000 km on the odometer. It has now covered 203,000 km (about 126,000 miles) and despite retaining its original paint, appears to be in remarkably pristine condition. Even the seats and interior surfaces look incredibly fresh despite the vehicle’s age.

At the time of writing, the auction had just over 3 days left with the highest bid sitting at $64,000 USD.


  • jaykit
  • Tumbi Mtika

    I’ll take it. I wouldn’t buy a new M3 anyways with the Giulia around.

  • Bash

    Love it, I would take it!

  • Howstar

    *people don’t buy new M3s they lease them for 4 years and 10s of thousands, then give them back, repeat.
    This would be an investment

  • cool