GM To Add 1,100 Jobs To Cruise Automation Self-Driving Operations

General Motors will add over 1,100 jobs to its Cruise Automation self-driving business to allow the company to accelerate its autonomous vehicle future.

The plan will see over 1,100 new employees recruited over the next five years and $14 million invested in a new research and development facility for Cruise Automation in San Francisco.

Discussing the expansion, GM chairman and chief executive Mary Barra said “Expanding our team at Cruise Automation and linking them with our global engineering talent is another important step in our work to redefine the future of personal mobility.

“Self-driving technology holds enormous benefits to society in the form of increased safety and access to transportation. Running our autonomous vehicle program as a start-up is giving us the speed we need to continue to stay at the forefront of development of these technologies and the market applications,” she said.

GM purchased Cruise Automation in March 2016 and is currently testing over 50 autonomous Chevrolet Bolt models on the streets of San Francisco, Scottsdale and Detroit.


  • Smith

    That’s a minimum of $250 million in salaries over 5 years, plus the expenses associated to this, and for what? Just seems like a lot of people working on “something” with very little market appeal or application. Have EV’s become a thing of the past since they have captured a massive 1% of the market, not even. Time to move on to the next thing that the consumers don’t want but are being told that they do, autonomous, really!