New Toyota Fun Concept Hints At China’s Camry

Those making their way to the Shanghai Auto Show this year might get hit with a strong case of déjà vu once they lay eyes on Toyota’s Fun sedan concept.

Judging by its dimensions, shoulder line and A & C-pillar design, this concept seems to be previewing a car that we already know pretty well, namely the 2018 Toyota Camry, which already made its debut back in January at the Detroit Auto Show.

Photos from Chinese websites such as AutoHome, Auto163 & AutoSohu reveal a strong resemblance to the production Camry from most angles, although the rear is considerably more modern on the Fun Concept.

The front, while a lot more aggressive than what we see on the Camry, features a similar design around the badge (the typical Toyota nose), with a more futuristic spoiler that looks anything but production-ready.

A production-ready variant would undoubtedly ride on Toyota’s New Global Architecture platform (TNGA), boasting superior structural rigidity for better driving dynamics and improved safety.


  • I’mCallingYouOut

    Good job, Lexoyta!

  • RDS Alphard

    Ah, the Asia Camry!

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Fucking tease.

  • WG

    Finally is one good looking Toyota since ages ago.

  • Mill0048

    Should’ve been the new Camry…

  • Zed68

    Fun ? Really ?

  • so where’s fun point?

  • fabri99

    Calling it Fun Concept made me laugh…so maybe it works!

  • john1168

    Looks good for the most part. I like the side windows and the c pillar area a lot, although I can’t tell if there’s a big black filler in the window by the c pillar. I wish Toyota would make the front intake smaller and the matching giant black area in the rear bumper doesn’t help things at all. They should be smaller.

  • Enter Ranting

    It looks like a bottom feeder with that gaping maw.

  • tkindred

    Oh my. The Toyota design team finally went to work.

    • Zed68

      …stepped on a banana peel and fell on their heads.

  • Six Thousand Times

    More bland but better-looking than the one they’re sending our way.

  • Matthijs

    This is a typisch concept car that you know it will be bland in production form..

  • Bash

    this is amazing!… this should be in production, right now!

  • Bash

    This screams (serious), not Fun!!

  • Marty

    Let’s hope this is a sign that Toyota is cleaning up their design.
    (But calling the Camry segment “Fun” must be some kind of joke 🙂 )

  • KidRed

    OMG that front end, hahahaha