Pair Of Jeeps Delivering Revenge To Parking Hogger Smells Fishy

We all feel a bit frustrated when we come across a bad parking job, but two Jeep owners supposedly felt like they should teach a lesson to the driver of a Mercedes GLA which was parked over two bays.

The plan was to park their frankly intimidating modded Jeeps so close to the poorly parked GLA in order to block access to its doors. A few moments later the Mercedes driver shows up, only to see his car trapped between the two Wranglers.

After making a few tries to open the doors of his car, the driver angrily kicks the tires of the two Jeeps in a total unnatural way with the hoodie on as if to hide his identity , followed by a rather ungrateful entrance in the car through the boot.

A lot of people argue that the incident was staged and we agree – it does look fake, I mean just look at how that Mercedes driver acts…


  • Six_Tymes

    although it’s funny if true, it could also have been staged.

    • WG

      I thought the same too when that guy only “gently” kicked the Jeep’s tires, and there were multiple videos on this incident.

    • McF1

      In my opinion it is definitely staged, especially considering that the Merc driver just so happens to be wearing a hood at all times. Personally I would never try to close some-one in if the situation was real. One just does not know what the drivers reaction will be.


    • Yawn

      Make that five: two fake Jeep drivers, one fake Mercedes driver, you for not recognizing this is fake and you again for persisting with caps lock, like a complete twat.

      • ChrisInIL

        Hey, now. The caps lock thing is endearing after awhile.

      • YAWN.

  • kachuks

    Mopar on Daimler passive aggression. There’s still a lot of it out there.

  • Craig

    I really like the front end of the Jeeps though. Especially the red one.

  • Red_Light_Green_Light_123

    Fake, fake, fake, fake, fake. I think it’s completely staged.

    Is the cameraman invisible? Hell, I think I would notice him standing there without a thought if I was walking through that same path. The actor portraying the MB rider never once gives the area a look even after noticing his situation. I would think one would do a quick survey to see if the Jeep owners would be watching from a distance.

    That gesture of frustration with the arms was pretty lame too.

  • Khanaar

    The owner of the white Jeep is notoriously known for staged parking revenge videos. Most of them are named “parody”

  • diehard

    Yeah…it would have been funnier if he had slyly let the air out of one of those jeep tires just as he was ready to leave.

  • Lllllllll

    Slightly off topic: those fronts on the jeeps look completely stupid

  • psiqtas

    WOW, a real tire kicker!

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