These Weird Audi Spots Will Make You Wish You Understood German

It’s not often that a car commercial leaves us scratching our heads as to what in the name of the Lord we’ve been looking at, let alone four of them, all of which wear Audi’s signature, in this case.

The first one, and probably the most awkward of all, is called ‘Park’, and shows a different approach to what some could consider a problem – a happy dog annoying a man, who chooses to deal with it in a rude manner.

And just when you thought that things couldn’t possibly get weirder, in comes the ‘Lift’ film, which revolves around yet another socially unacceptable situation. The ‘Cookie’ and ‘Tango’ videos are more down to earth, but still, they have a good dose of creepiness as well.

At a first glance, these have nothing in common, but reading the description solves the mystery, as they are meant to promote new Black Edition versions of the A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, and Q7.

Limited apparently to the German market, these add a bunch of black exterior and interior details, alongside a sports suspension for the A5, 19-inch wheels for the A6, 20-inch ones for the A7, and an exclusive titanium package for the Q7.


  • Six Thousand Times

    Even weirder when you do. Some ad agency got the better of Audi.