BMW Suggests More CS-Badged Models Are Coming

BMW has hinted that more of its models will receive CS-branded variants, shortly after the M4 CS debuted at the Shanghai Auto Show.

Even though previous information has suggested that an M2 CS is just around the corner, the carmaker has never actually confirmed the model but during an interview with CarBuzz, BMW M’s marketing chief Peter Quintas indicated that the four-tier line-up of the M4 (M4, M4 Competition, M4 CS and M4 GTS) could be repeated.

“Customers want a variety of different M models. The BMW M4 is an attractive proposition price wise, the Competition appeals to buyers wanting a bit more power and aggression, and the GTS is geared towards a niche audience of track day enthusiasts.

“The M4 CS slots in perfectly above the Competition and anyone who missed out on the GTS will want this car,” Quintas said.

Last week, insiders revealed that BMW will release an M2 CS in January 2018 and follow it up with an M2 GTS the following year. It is conceivable that an M2 Competition could also launch within the next couple of years.