Check Out The New French President’s Convertible DS 7 State Limousine

The American president traditionally rides in a Cadillac or Lincoln limousine. In most other countries, they tend to use German or British cars, but chauffeuring their new president to his inauguration in either would be unthinkable for the French – who have their own automotive industry, merci beaucoup.

So what to do when most Renaults, Peugeots, and Citroëns are too low-rent for the purpose, and a Bugatti would be too silly and impractical (even for the French)? Here’s your answer.

For the inauguration of President Emmanuel Macron, PSA created this special DS 7 Crossback – based on the flagship model in the French automaker’s premium lineup, but upgraded for the purpose.

The Presidential DS 7 is done up in a special ink-blue paint, with a black leather interior, official state insignia and flags, and gold details on the wheels and in the cabin. Most unique about this particular DS 7, though, is the roof: the state limousine has a convertible top to transform the crossover into a parade car so that the gathered masses on the Champs-Elysées can catch a glimpse of their new head of state – even in the rain.

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  • Felix Le Forestier

    Les français nous ont élu un bon président là. Vive la France …

    • thunder bolt

      such contradicting statements. You have to pick one, and only one. which is it?
      Vive la France ?
      Les français nous ont élu un bon président là ?

  • GE90man

    Looks a bit… Audi like

  • EM1

    He’s the antichrist.

    • Status

      Proof of this ‘christ’ figure of yours?

      • EM1

        You’ll see in a year’s time when more terrorism occurs in that country thanks to his stupidity by sucking up to Merkel and the EU.
        Are you aware what is happening in Germany, Sweden and UK?
        That there is rape, terror and murder.

        • Status

          That still doesn’t prove the christ figure. All it proves that religion, in any form, is an excuse for the weak to lash out.

          • gary4205

            History proves Christ, dumb ass. Christ walked the Earth and there is plenty of evidence of it.

            You are stupider than the average atheist, which is saying something.

          • Status

            Now prove it, old man. Hard proof, the kind that stands up in court. No anecdotes.

            If you can’t prove it with hard facts, your whole christ narrative falls apart, along with any antichrist narrative.

          • Marty

            It’s not unlikely that there was a man called Jesus of Nazareth who was the leader of a jewish doomsday cult for a few years and then got executed. But the only sources for that are the gospels written by members of said cult much later, so he was probably not noticed while he lived.

            Basically, the case for Jesus is as strong as the case for Santa Claus. It’s not even important if Santa Claus lived or not, because he has been combined with other characters and transformed by culture.

          • emjayay

            He may have been a guy with a message and a following two thousand years ago in the Middle East.

          • CoolHandLuke1

            Atheist are generally more intelligent than religious people. A Fact.

        • wake-up-europe

          they are blind. but don’t worry. when they open their eyes it’ll be too late.

        • KenjiK

          You live in the US? There is no rape/terror/murder over there?

        • Christopher Sansom

          What’s new ?

          • T_Cake

            Hey, man. As an American, I need no fancy chart tell me how much we love murder.

          • Six Thousand Times

            So many guns, so little time…

    • MarketAndChurch

      He would make a great plot line for the Davinci Code franchise.

    • matrem

      Thanks for the hot take, fascist.

    • Bob’); DROP TABLE comments;–

      Hey, he didn’t show up in a Christler, but in a Peugeot!

  • Kash

    well it didn’t take long for the comment section to resort to name calling.

    • EM1

      Truth be told.

      • matrem

        You’re the one who started the name calling

      • Kash

        Some people just can’t keep their mouth shut when it comes to politics tbh.

    • datCubanguy

      I just came for the car truly!

  • Robin Hood

    Since the entrenched elites he leads won by the skin of their teeth, and the splintered French Parliament looks like it will foil him every step of the way, and the desperate average Frenchmen become even more willing to riot against the government….

    Basically, today is likely the only day he’ll enjoy riding in it.

    • matrem

      Right, winning over 60% of the vote is winning by the “skin of their teeth.” Are you fascists capable of telling the truth?

      • Six Thousand Times

        They’re not, really but they are trolls best left unfed.

        • Robin Hood

          See my reply to Matrem…halfwit

          • Six Thousand Times

            There’ll be no feeding you, today.

          • Robin Hood

            Are you French? You’re pretty quick to waive the white flag

      • merkelland

        every muslim voted for him. that’s why he get this 60%. france is lost. germany too. now we will see rapes of white womens, murders of white mens.

        • KenjiK

          Maybe if those “white men” business owners would stop supporting terrorist organisations in the middle east, and bombing those countries, you would have less muslims in france?

      • Robin Hood

        Only got 60% of those that voted in the runoff…which had record numbers of abstentions. Only got a 3rd of votes in the general election. My info is from hundreds of news outlets via AP and Rueters, most of which are left-leaning. My statement is apolitical and 110% accurate. Are you an idiot incapable of learning things?

        • KenjiK

          Dude, 60% is not “winning by the skin of their teeth”. That’s quite a margin.

        • Apolitical haha fuck right off

    • gary4205

      Both He and Le Pen are vicious anti-human Marxists. One is just a taste less evil than the other.

      • Robin Hood

        My comment was intended as apolitical. The facts are a big banker wins presidency, he has almost no political pull in the parliament, and the citizens are rioting. He’ll end up being one of the biggest political punching bags in Europe.

        All I’m saying is that today was last time he’ll be happy to ride in it…and almost certainly last time he’ll be sticking his head out the top!

        • Rubbish

          And, you know this how?

  • nik

    The car looks great!

    • Arminius JP

      It does too – although the dignity of France might require something with more grandeur for its head of state. Somehow, after first seeing the motorcyle outriders etc.. to witness the spectacle of what looks like an ordinary family car taking its place at the centre of the presidential entourage is underwhelming. President Putin shows the way with his specially commissioned limousine.

      • CoolHandLuke1

        French presidents used to have bigger cars but they don’t sell. Big cars don’t sell, so why make them? But outgoing French president had even smaller car, DS5 and that Macron has is DS7.

  • Ameer Hassan Tajaldeen

    the guy on the front bike doesn’t seem to enjoy riding along a new president on a weekend

    • Bash

      Nailed it

  • Well it’s neither a limousine nor a convertible. It’s an SUV.

  • Kaisuke971

    Looks pretty good !

  • SUVs are the new limousines… not liking it.

    • Six Thousand Times

      Not a bit.

    • emjayay

      At least it’s not an Escalade.

  • Research Janitor

    Coming soon to a sidewalk cafe…

  • Six Thousand Times

    France needs better cars.

    • merkelland

      for muslims? they only can blow themselves and kill others.

      • Six Thousand Times

        Not feeding you, either.

      • kimbentsen

        They prefer Toyota pickups.

      • Stigasawuswrecks



        • Six Thousand Times

          Handy little feature.

  • gary4205

    The American President rides in a TANK. A bullet proof, nuke proof TANK, that’s made to look like a Cadillac, sorta.

    This thing is an off the shelf SUV.

    • Bash


    • 2sfhim

      French presidents ride bulletproof cars for everyday use. First-day cars aren’t because they don’t have time to transform it. Sarkozy in 2007 used a 2000 Peugeot concept car (a real concept), so obviously not bulletproof, in 2012 it was a one off convertible based on a production car. This year it’s based on a preproduction car.

    • well almost, it’s a convertible made for the president to stand up, and the car is not out yet…

  • Benjamin B.

    Reminds me of a cross between a Lincoln Continental convertible (the Kennedy sedan) and the Popemobile. Or basically an open Popemobile.

  • gege

    il me semble que les constructeurs tel que bentley,roll royce,jaguar et autres land rover ne sont pas british,tout comme bugatti n’est pas francais au cas ou vous l’auriez oublié.

  • Bash

    Not even one French automaker can build a proper presidential limousine!

    • emjayay

      The Queen’s high roof maroon Bentley is rather nice.

  • Sébastien
  • TheHake

    Is that the best that Soros could do for his puppet? Sad.

    • Six Thousand Times

      Yeah, your guy, Vladimir, would’ve come across with a shiny new ZIL had his puppet pulled it off.

      • openyoureyes

        go kiss merkel, next this puppet, a then… first let rape&kill your wife/daughter and next in don’t forget to thank your leaders for that. how blind you people are.

        don’t you see what they are doing to the europe? don’t you see what’s happening in sweden (riots in malmo, huge number of rapes ect.) in germany (new year’s eve rapes etc). in every country which are ”refeugees” there are increasing numbers of crimes, rapes, even murderes, and the goverments do what? nothing, to protect their citizens. they are lying to us, telling everything is ok. so please, open your eyes.

        peace from better place to live.

        • Six Thousand Times

          These trolls are hungry!

          • akuku akpar

            Wonder if you still be talking about ‘trolls’ when someone from your family get hurt…

          • Six Thousand Times

            No food for you!

        • Stigasawuswrecks

          So they’re doing to Europe on a small scale of what Europe did to Africa and the America’s, minus the looting, pillaging, raping, and killing?

          • Research Janitor

            We are talking about 2017, not 1650. All those areas are better off because of the Europeans. The Africans were the ones that gathered their own people up and sold them off to the highest bidders, with help from the same people that fly planes into buildings.

          • Stigasawuswrecks

            Ask my Native American tribe how much better off they are.

  • bronk o

    Greatest car release ever

  • thunder bolt

    Cheap ass Nissan !

    • CoolHandLuke1

      Nothing to do with Nissan. It is Renault that is with Nissan. Actually Renault saved Nissan from bankrupcy in 1999 buying over 40% of it and giving cash. Renault owns now 43,9% of Nissan.

      Peugeot Citroen SA is different company = PSA Groupe. PSA Group owns Peugeot, Citroen, DS and now Opel.
      PSA means Peugeot Societe Anonyme = Peugeot Ltd.

  • Marty

    The French have a very confused relationship to luxury cars. In one end mid-sized mainstream sedans like Renault 25 and Safrane, in the other odd creations like Vel-Satis. And the whole DS brand idea is just odd.

    • CoolHandLuke1

      Odd? As odd as Lexus or Infiniti or Acura…or perhaps Audi odd? Audi is just expensive volkswagen.

      • Marty

        Yes, as Odd as Acura/Honda. The difference between those brands are too small (proven by the fact that the very same car can have different brands on different markets).

        But Toyota and a Lexus are (mostly) quite different animals. Audi and VW have some segment overlap, but the difference is mostly big enough to have two brands. Mostly. 🙂

        The DS brand is quite superfluous on most markets (just like Acura). They should reserve that brand for the US market.

  • Dennis James

    In an ideal world, someone would delete all the political comments around here and only keep the ones referring to the car.

    • Julien Lachemoi

      In a true ideal world, there would not be such a need.

  • psiqtas

    It actually looks ridiculous – and Citroen is copying Audi and Lexus – shame…

    • CoolHandLuke1

      And Lexus started in 90’s with 1:1 copy of Mercedes S-series.

  • David Lejdar

    Darkened windows, huh? Isn’t it rather hypocritical for France to prohibit “peasants” to cover their faces while the president’s face can’t be seen in public when he doesn’t want to show it riding in a car (which resembles a motorized burqa) ?

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