Dashcam Captures Massive Crash Involving Restless Audi A3

You know that moment when you can’t help but shake your head at the person that just barely squeezed through two cars while speeding?

This is what happens when they don’t make it. For whatever reason, the guy behind the wheel of that Audi A3 was in a rush and willing to zigzag his way through traffic in a really reckless manner.

Unfortunately for him, he either ran out of room (hard to tell from the dashcam angle), or mistimed his maneuver and clipped the rear of the Peugeot in front. The impact sent the A3 flying, rolling over in mid-air, knocking over a pole and catching fire.

The driver looked healthy enough so as to make a run for it immediately – which could mean the car was stolen, as someone points out in the comments section. But it’s just as likely that he saw the flames out the window and wanted to exit the vehicle as quickly as possible.

Either way, it’s a good thing nobody else was hurt when that A3 came flying towards those stationary vehicles.


  • TheBelltower

    Damn. Love the way the Ford Edge is all like “Get the #*ck off of me!”

    • Scott Blakula

      and the driver trying to learn english… “heow meeny maney?”

  • pureworx

    typical audi driver

    • Jay

      Well before we all judge it looks like the car they were behind just hit the brakes out of nowhere, the audi driver wasn’t expecting it and wanted to avoid rear ending them so attempted to go around. It was just too late/the car braked too hard.. the audi driver was speeding and I think the was a bit of road rage revenge from the other car.

      • mike

        think he hit the brakes cus he thought the parked car was gonna come out or he might of thought he couldnt get past since the parked car was parked a bit out onto the main road. Either way the Audi is still at fault for going too fast in the first place ie:- typical Audi driver.

        also the Audi was probably stolen too since the driver looked like he was trying to get out quick and run off

        • Scott Blakula

          that parked car was sticking out too much, which caused the Peugeot to brake.

          • Eli Haffner

            all israelis drive as if they stole the car, trust me i lived there. this doesnt surprise.

      • Julien Lachemoi

        From what I can see that Peugeot 2008 (if I’m not mistaken) mainly slowed down instead of breaking hard, and considering the fact they just started from a red light it didn’t have a lot of speed to begin with.
        Other than that I agree with your understanding of the accident.

        • Jay

          The only reason I said they braked hard was because it seemed like every was traveling at the same speed(except the audi) but the car with the dash caught up and passed the “peugeot”in a short amount of time. Maybe they thought the poorly parked car was coming out too because it was at an angle but didn’t look to be moving..

          • Kash

            i think the 2008 was looking for a driveway, it’s hard to tell but around the 0:11 mark it looks like they have their right blinker on so I think the Audi was trying to get around to avoid having to slow down.

            edit: i do believe there is a driveway or street right where the accident happens but I just can’t tell with the quality of the video.

          • Jay

            I agree with them looking for something, it looks to be a delivery car, the abrupt brake makes sense now as they wanted to avoid missing their turn..

          • uS’gedlemba

            None of you guys actually see the movement + reverse lights on the silver car the Peugeot was slowing down for, that car is sticking out because it was actually moving, trying to park into that spot.

      • John Doll

        It does not matter what anyone else was doing he was most likely driving too fast and tailgating.

      • Robert

        “the audi driver was speeding” Period.

        • Jay

          Yes everyone agrees they were speeding…

        • uS’gedlemba

          The Audi was likely behind the “Dash Cam” car as it can be clearly seen before all cars pull of that it is was a “gold/bronze” coloured parallel to the “Dash Cam” car, they were probably trying to zig-zag.

      • benT

        Audi was speeding. Too much speed and only a few metres past the red light/green light intersection. Audi driver was totally reckless.

      • pureworx

        i stand by my comment.. speeding, road rage, tailgating etc all typical audi driver

  • Christian

    Sooo – did he have enough money?

  • oh nooo not an A3!!

  • Gerald Michael

    And he sticks the landing!

  • Joe Mosely

    Did that Audi come out of a funeral procession?

  • Six_Tymes

    off the charts D-BAG

  • Knotmyrealname

    You couldn’t choreograph that any better if it was on Fast & Furious. Incredible bit of auto ballet.

  • Mr. Crankypants

    As one should after any minor fender-bender, he had the courtesy to pull over to the curb rather than block traffic.

  • brn

    Odd that the video stopped when it did.

  • Looks like when the Peugeot hit the brakes the Audi accelerated with the intent to go around, but did not time it well. I’ve done that thousands of times, but never like that.

  • emjayay

    It does not matter whatever the Peugeot or any other car is doing. If the car in front of you comes to an emergency full stop because they saw or even imagined a squirrel is in front of them it is up to the following vehicle to be able to stop without swerving around and flipping their car in the air.

    Actually, the Audi flipping in the air seems like something that shouldn’t be able to even happen without hitting something first.

    • Vassilis

      Uh, he hit the Peugeot.

  • Kevin Insan

    maniac! says peugeot driver

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