Shaq Thanks Ford For Making Big Trucks For Big Guys, Buys F-650

It’s not easy finding a car that suits you best when you’re 7ft 1in tall, or 2.16m in the metric system, and weigh 344lbs (156kg) like Shaquille O’Neal.

Luckily, there are still a few companies out there that make “Shaq-sized” vehicles, such as Ford, and their F-650 pickup truck.

Although their main purpose is assisting with heavy duty work, this big truck will probably get a more relaxed life in the hands of the former professional basketball player.

And with Shaq being Shaq, he announced the purchase in his own way, by posting a funny video on social media, sharing it with his 13.8 million fans.

We don’t know how much the retired athlete paid for his Ford F-650, but the base spec model can be had from just under $56,000 in the US of A, and those chrome details, privacy glass and probably quite a few optional gizmos inside didn’t pay for themselves.

Images courtesy of bandit27n