Toyota Joins Forces With Nvidia To Develop Autonomous Tech

Whereas most of the market’s largest automakers have announced their comprehensive plans for autonomous vehicles, Toyota has remained relatively quiet on the subject. Until now.

The world’s second-largest automaker has just announced that it will collaborate with Nvidia to develop and provide artificial intelligence hardware and software technologies which Toyota plans to bring to the market within the “next few years.”

Toyota’s future self-driving vehicles will use the Nvidia Drive PX AI computer platform which employs deep learning technologies to recognize and handle the almost infinite number of scenarios encountered on the road. Nvidia claims the Xavier processor incorporated into its Drive PX AI platform can fit in your hand and deliver 30 trillion deep learning operations per second. It collects data from cameras, lidar, radar and a host of other sensors.

Speaking about the partnership, executive general manager at Toyota Ken Koibuchi said “Toyota has worked on autonomous driving technologies for over 20 years with the aim of reducing traffic fatalities to zero as an ultimate goal, achieving smoother traffic, and providing mobility for all.

“Through this collaboration, we intend to accelerate the development of autonomous driving systems that are even more safe and capable,” he said.