Would You Spend $100,000 On The Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum?

When it comes to splurging on a massive luxury SUV, the Escalade ESV Platinum is too big to ignore.

During the course of this video, Doug DeMuro argues both for as well as against owning such a vehicle, which means it’s up to you to decide whether we could live with its shortcomings.

Speaking of which, you don’t have to look far in order to find a bit too much Chevy Tahoe inside of the Escalade, which is unfortunate for the expensive ESV Platinum model.

The first thing that might throw you off, is the floppy column shifter, which looks and feels nothing like a gear selector should on a luxury car. Then there’s the lower half of the door panels, which again, doesn’t appear worthy of that $100,000 sticker price.

Of course, it’s not all bad with the Escalade ESV Platinum. Apparently, all you need to do in order to justify this as a purchase is go for a drive and immerse yourself in the ultra-quiet cabin and smooth ride. On paper, even performance is good, although you won’t feel it as much as you would in a smaller vehicle.

In the end, buying something like the Escalade ESV Platinum comes down to personal preferences. On one hand, it’s big, super capacious and comfortable, rides really well and has plenty of on-board tech to keep you busy. Then again, if you’re a stickler for detail and a fan of fine craftsmanship, you might want to consider downsizing a bit and looking at a Range Rover or a Mercedes GLS instead.


  • Scott Carmichael

    Buy a loaded Suburban and save yourself $25K.

    • T_Cake

      And it’s still ludicrous to think that anyone could spend over $70,000 on a Suburban.

  • Just another Supra fan

    “Too big to ignore”
    Yet too small to care.

  • europeon

    I don’t know, but I surely won’t ever again spend a second watching another demuro video.

    • Belthronding Tinuviel


  • ErnieB

    It’s Donald’s Douchecallade!

    • donald seymour

      What? Laugh out Loud.

      • ErnieB

        Trump’s douchecalade😂

        • donald seymour

          Oh, I thought you were calling me out. Laugh out Loud.

    • Six_Tymes


  • Galaxium

    Doug’s video used to be really cancerous because he’d make excessive bad jokes and bizarre overreactions. Now it’s just a bit less cancerous.

    Parts of the video (like at 1:56) just show how bad his humor is.

    His face is still extremely punchable though.

  • TrevP

    I’d buy a Range Rover in the blink of an eye.

    • seriously

      anyone that would buy a crappy low quality poor reliability and resale value Range Rover in a blink of eye isnt the go to guy for what car to buy thats for sure lol

      • TrevP

        Then dont.

  • TheBelltower

    “Would You Spend $100,000 On The Cadillac Escalade…”

    Non starter for me. At this price, it’s competing with a well optioned Range Rover. If the obvious RR reliability issues are taken out of the equation, there is simply no contest about which one reeks of effortless good design and which one looks like a lumbering beast that’s destined for the ghetto. Cadillac needs to do a better job on the design and details of the next Escalade.

    • seriously

      price is way to high but apparently you have no concept of what things cost…..the Lexus LX cost 100k fully optioned as well…as does the QX80….a lWB Range Rover STARTS at well over 100k….so not sure where youre getting your prices from as even a Range Rover with the power that an Escalade has would cost starting around 100k….

      • TheBelltower

        Six figures is still an important threshold. How many of the Lexus LX or of the Infiniti monstrosity do you see on the road compared to a Range Rover? They don’t sell brcause they are weaksauce.

  • cooper

    Looked a few of these Escalade’s. Everyone of them has the dash installed off kilter. Interior built quality was sub par even when comparing to 1990 GM build quality.

    • seriously

      yeah and theyre giving away Lamborghinis down the street for free

  • Craig

    I’ve owned a lot of cars in my life. And the one thing I’ve learned [I’m a slow learner] is that you get used to whatever it is you’re driving VERY quickly. And so much of what you pay for in a luxury vehicle doesn’t benefit the driver at all.

  • Michael_66589

    Best SUV for this money

  • Status

    The fact that Cadillac can ask and get $100K for their cars is more important. After all, if others in this segment can do so, there’s no reason for Cadillac not to.

  • NOPE.

  • datCubanguy


  • BlackPegasus

    I would be happier with the Suburban.

  • Six_Tymes

    one of Doug’s better reviews. thanks for posting

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