Electrified Vehicles Sales Soar, More Than 2 Million Units On The Road Today

According to a new report by the International Energy Agency, sales of electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are booming as more than 750,000 models were registered last year alone.

The figure represents a new record and has helped push the number of electrified vehicles on the road past the two million mark. This comes just one year after the total number of registrations exceeded one million in 2015.

Electrified vehicles still represent a tiny fraction of the global automotive market, but they are becoming increasing popular in a handful of countries. According to the IEA, Norway has the largest market share of eco-friendly vehicles, followed by the Netherlands with 6.4 percent and Sweden with 3.4 percent. China, France and the United Kingdom all have electrified vehicles representing around 1.5 percent of the market, but China dominates when it comes to the number electrified vehicles sold.

Thankfully, electric vehicle sales aren’t the only thing growing as the report indicates the number of private and publicly accessible chargers is also climbing at an impressive rate. According to the study, there was a 72 percent increase in the number of publicly available chargers compared to last year.

The trends are expected to continue and, if they do, plug-in hybrids could represent nearly 30 percent of all vehicles sold by 2030.

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  • gary4205

    It’s amazing what you can do when you steal billions of dollars from poor and middle class taxpayers to hand out rebates so rich people can buy new toys.

    Ain’t Socialism great!

    • Silimarina

      The majority are affordable cars, like Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe, you muppet . So they are bought by middle class.
      When the 3rd world country US, will have higher standard of life/quality of life than those “socialistic” countries, like Norway,Denmark, Finland etc. ,than you could say “Ain’t Socialims great!”
      PS. You missed the question mark in “Ain’t Socialism great!”. Go back to school gary!