Motorcyclist Has Blood Curdling Encounter With Railroad Track

As far as scary experiences go, thinking you’re about to fall off a bridge on your motorcycle is about as knee-buckling as they get. Thankfully, this incident has a happy ending.

The rider who almost went through the railroad tracks was lucky enough to not be by himself, otherwise there wouldn’t have been somebody to tie his bike down while he dismounted.

Unfortunately, that was only the easy part. The pair ended up having to remove the handlebars and “somewhat gently lower it [the bike] to the ground”, according to the description of the video. Although once they sorted out everything, they managed to get back on the road.

There was no danger of any trains coming through to spoil the party, since those tracks were out of service due to flood damage – which is why they weren’t as sturdy as they should have been. Oh and mind the language, which is indeed a little bit NSFW, though most people would probably struggle maintaining proper PG-13 etiquette while being dragged down off a bridge by their bike.

These two guys might want to consider safer routes in the future, where at least you don’t run the risk of falling through something.


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