Someone Made A Crash Compilation Aimed At Skoda Drivers

As you might have suspected, crash compilations can be put together for pretty much every large automaker out there, and Skoda definitely qualifies.

We’re generally used to seeing these types of videos with a focus on premium brands such as Mercedes or BMW, mostly because people like to say that those driving expensive cars often do so in an entitled way.

Of course, you don’t need a fancy badge on your car to cause an accident. All you need is a lack of situational awareness or a plain ol’ lack of focus.

This 2017 video compilation features incidents involving all types of Skoda models, from the Superb to the Octavia, all the way down to the Fabia, across multiple generations.

As for the crashes, they range from light to moderate fender benders, all the way to frontal collisions and even rollovers.