The Lexus LFA Has The Coolest Turn-Signal Stalk Ever, Period

When Lexus set out to create a proper halo model, no one really expected them to give the world a car as good as the LFA.

It’s a proper supercar, the LFA. It was the first car to feature a digital instrument panel but not because it was a cool thing to have back in 2011 but because the engine is so rev-happy that an analog rev counter simply couldn’t keep up.

Speaking of the engine, it has a bespoke naturally aspirated, dry-sumped 4.8-litre V10 that produces 552hp and a soundtrack straight from heaven. Top speed is set at 202mph.

With only 500 LFAs ever made, finding one is not that easy. Doug de Muro however managed to secure one for his latest video, showing us all the exquisite details of the Japanese superstar.

Things like the seatbelt mechanism or the controls of the electronically adjusted seats really reveal the immense level of thought that went into the little details of the Lexus LFA. Even the turn-signal stalk is a thing of beauty, with a minimal design and mounted in the perfect position behind the shift paddle.

After all, the devil is in the details, right?


  • Tumbi Mtika

    “When Lexus set out to create a proper halo model, no one really expected them to give the world a car as good as the LFA.”

    And so unforgivably expensive, too.

  • Blade t

    Always loved the LFA….

  • TheBelltower

    Lexus was smart to only produce 500, because this thing was a total flop. Deservingly so. That’s not to say it isn’t a good car. But $400k was absolutely absurd and was totally out of it’s league. Perhaps it will be remembered more fondly as it ages.

    • jacksonli

      Yeah it should’ve been the Supra from the get go, charging only 120k and mass produced and whatnot.

    • brn

      More of a showcase vehicle. Not intended for volume. Why not get as much as you can?

      I agree the price makes it invalid for comparison to other vehicles. Well, except maybe the Ford GT, which kicks it’s ass (on the track).

  • gshemant

    A true masterpiece. I know a lot of people gripe about the price but remember Toyota motor corp lost money on every single car they produced. The LFA wasn’t made to win sales records. It was built as a statement to the industry to showcase Toyota’s engineering might.

    • Kash

      and don’t forget they were near ready with the car only to scrap it all together because aluminum was too heavy so they switched to carbon fiber.

      • Bash

        Absolutely true, No one will -or better said- no one should forget that, thats the main reason for the crazy price tag!

        • Kash

          That and the fact it’s probably the world’s most reliable supercar, after all it is a Lexus. lol.

          • Bash

            True, probably.

  • emjayay

    Oh yeah Doug, those sideways twisty knobs on the sides of the instrument cluster are totally awesome, as I’m sure any 1990-96 Chevrolet Corsica would totally agree. Do you think maybe the one on the left is for the lights and the one on the right is for the wiper speed and intermittent timing? Yes, they are.

  • emjayay

    To find out what it really sounds like inside, close the window.

  • salamOOn

    only thing i would mind is that hood stick….
    i actually like old school key, and i think that DNR mechanism is better than a stick…..
    i would even like to choose R from neutral with minus paddle….

    i love this car, and i also love the new LC coupe…

  • Kyle Newberry

    It is by far the best sounding car I’ve ever heard. The only two cars that come close are the GT350 Mustang with the Voodoo, and a Multi-rotary Rx7.

    • Carmelo Van Cabboi

      Never heard the 8C Competione voice?

      • Kyle Newberry

        I just looked it up, and it sounds good, just not as good as those above. But all Engine sounds are personal taste right?

  • Knuckle Buck

    man this dude’s hands are SO LOUD! Making me dizzy.
    Why do people let this guy drive their cars?

  • Vlad Barbu

    expensive as it was, it was still one of the cheapest cars with carbon fiber chassis of it’s time (CFRP, actually).

  • TheHake

    “The Lexus LFA Is the $400,000 Supercar Nobody Talks About”
    What? It’s a favourite amongs many supercar lovers. Everybody loves the V10 sound. It’s talked about A LOT.

  • brn

    Hold the phone! The headlight controls aren’t on the steering wheel????

    Just like every car I’ve ever owned.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    It is not correct that it is underrated. It is underrated only among fanboys and mainstream car media. Very sought after by experts with the money to get one.

    • Joko Santoso

      Yes, you’re right. Even Jeremy Clarkson who is very famous with his “hostility” towards many cars, said “Lexus LFA is The Best Car I’ve Ever Driven”. If I have enough money, I would prefer Lexus LFA to Ferrari 599.

      • Wandering_Spirit

        To be honest, me too.

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