Audi Claims 2017 RS5 Coupe Has ”Nothing To Prove” In New Promo Videos

As the first units of the all-new Audi RS5 Coupe have started arriving at dealers across Europe this month, the brand with the four rings has released yet more official videos with it.

This being a performance model means that the films should be entertaining to look at.

However, don’t expect the usual approach, where the luxury two-door coupe is being raced on some twisty mountain roads, or on an empty track, because Audi Sport says that the car has ‘nothing to prove’.

Well, whatever the marketing approach, the new Audi RS5 Coupe does have a lot to prove, considering that it enters a segment currently dominated by the BMW M4 Coupe, and the Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe, both of which are not only very powerful, but quite comfortable and packed with the latest technology too.

Presented in full earlier this spring, in Geneva, the 2017 RS5 Coupe is powered by a 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 that has been co-developed with Porsche. It makes 450PS (444hp) and 600Nm (443lb-ft) of torque, and allows the model to go from naught to 100km/h (62mph) in 3.9sec, and up to a top speed of 280km/h (174mph), with the dynamic package selected from the options list.

Audi is asking at least €80,900 ($92,786) for the new RS5 Coupe in Germany, while in the United Kingdom, it starts from £62,900 ($82,426).


  • SgtBeavis

    Well, it might need to prove economy numbers. Audi seems to have a problem with that lately.


  • izzey04

    a lot to prove

  • Ben M

    Honda Music

  • Infinite1

    I’m intrigued, will have to test drive one.

  • shit car has nothing to prove, ssangyong have also agreed