U Spy: All-New Porsche 911 Prototype Spotted Alongside Boxster In France

Since Porsche have been testing their next-gen 992 for some time now, spotting one in traffic was only going to be a matter of time.

This Stuttgart-built duo was caught on camera in Annecy, France, by one of our readers, Yvan, who figures he was looking at the new 911 Turbo and a hotter version of the 718 Boxster, which, according to him, sounded like it had a flat six.

Based on the quad-exhausts and rear end active aero design, it’s possible that the 911 prototype in question is indeed the flagship Turbo model. Visually, it’s identical to this thinly disguised prototype seen testing on the Nordschleife back in May.

Despite the camouflage, we already know that the 992-generation models will feature an overhauled rear end design, boasting new bumpers, tailpipes and LED lights that stretch from fender to fender, like on the Mission E Concept.

The new 911 will also be based on a new modular platform, with engines mounted more towards the center of the vehicle. Speaking of engines, expect a range of turbocharged flat-sixes, with improved fuel economy and more power. So when can we expect to see it in showrooms? No sooner than next year, unfortunately.

As for the 718 Boxster, if our reader is correct about it sounding spicier than the current crop of 4-cylinder turbocharged models, we may be looking at the rumored 718 Boxster GTS, which is expected to put down at least 375 PS (369 HP) with the help of either a manual gearbox or a PDK dual-clutch automatic.


  • SteersUright

    My g-d Porsche will have done right by the Boxster to bring the flat-6 back. I just hope its not some stupidly expensive limited edition stuff like a new GT4. I supposed a GTS would be more accessible.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    The Boxster is likely the GTS or Spyder. It remains to be seen what it will be powered by since we have no video here

  • TrevP

    those tail lights remind me of my MKZ’s tail lights