Riding Shotgun In An Ferrari FXX K Will Make You Hang On For Dear Life

Calling the Ferrari FXXK a “car” simply doesn’t do it justice; that monster is not even road legal, which means that Maranello could go berserk with it, and that’s exactly what they did.

The bodywork offers 50 percent more downforce from the “regular” LaFerrari while the hybrid powertrain pumps out a total of 1,050PS (1,036hp) and more than 664lb-ft (900Nm) of torque.

Alex from Car Throttle had the rare chance to ride shotgun in this $3 million beast at Goodwood’s Festival of Speed, with James Calado at the wheel.

Even on a course as narrow as the famous Goodwood hill climb, this thing is just ferocious, producing tons of grip and melodies while torturing its passenger to his limit. And we say his limit, because you’ll have to be extremely skilled to drive the FXX K even close to its limit.

Just look at Alex’s face at the end of the run and you’ll see what we’re talking about.