How One Couple Got A New Infiniti For Under $18,000

If you’re in the market for a new car in the United States and have less than $18,000 to spend, you’ll find plenty of choices – but they’ll mostly be econo-boxes like the Chevy Sonic, Kia Rio, or Fiat 500. You wouldn’t expect to find something like a brand-new Infiniti crossover among them, yet that’s just what one couple in Kentucky got.

Chris and Sherri Cooper saw an ad on Facebook for a 2017 Infiniti QX30, listed for $17,790 instead of the $35k MSRP (or <$30k base price). “I snapped a picture of it real quick and showed it to (my husband) and was like, ‘This is crazy. Look at the price of this brand new car,’” Sherri told local station WDRB.

So they called the local dealership in Louisville, who said they would not honor the advertised price. “There’s no possible way that we could do that,” said sales manager Cam Meredith. “I mean that’s $17,000 less than what we should be selling it for.”

A blatant case of false advertising, or a glitch in some system somewhere? Hard to say. These things happen, and there’s often some small print protecting the automaker and dealers in such an event. But here’s where it gets interesting.

As reported by The Drive, the sales manager called Infiniti’s US head office (located not far away in Franklin, Tennessee), which instructed the dealership to honor the deal, and that the manufacturer would cover the difference.

More than money, corporate told the dealer, “What matters is our integrity and our reputation.” So just like that, the Coopers (who you might think would be driving a Mini) got a brand-new Infiniti – even if it is the entry-level model – for half off, or about the price of a Mitsubishi Lancer. And Infiniti set about fixing the system before they find themselves writing off another seventeen grand.

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  • Nordschleife

    I do love that infiniti chose to honor the advertisement. Like they said….reputation. Also cheers to the sales manager for making that call.

    • Obsequious Lickspittle

      Yes, it’s almost a case of To Infinity and beyond?

  • kachuks

    I knew this girl, her sister was trying to get financing and the guy said he’d sign off if she flashed him her tatas.

  • “What matters is our integrity and our reputation.”

    There’s hope in the world after all.

  • Althea Later

    publicity stunt?

  • 31/12/2999

    Damm mN

  • Dennis James

    I think this publicity stunt has brought Infinity at least 17k in advertising value, since as you can see, it appears all over car media. So no one really lost anything 🙂

  • Status

    Very wise of Infiniti to honour the deal, and take the (relatively) small hit on their bottom line. $17K lost in revenue will go a long, long way to keeping them in the public eye.

  • Blade t

    Good for them….

  • Mr_Fanta_Pants

    I wouldn’t have one if you gave it to me for free


  • SteersUright

    Some details missing here. What compelled the manager to even call corporate after saying no to the customer, especially with it being a dealer print ad error? Either way, good for them, happy for the good outcome!

  • Looks like a GLA with a Mazda design.

    • dn12005

      Looks like an INFINITI with design elements from the 2009 INFINITI Essence Concept (that lent some of its design elements to the 2010 INFINITI FX…and a whole lot to the 2011 INFINITI Etherea Concept – which became the Q/QX 30 production car)…which debuted a full year ahead of the Mazda Kodo Concept, which looked eerily similar to the 2009 INFINITI Essence Concept…

      Mazda introduced its Kodo design language in its production cars for MY2014…a few years after the 2010 INFINITI FX, which, again, borrowed elements from the 2009 INFINITI Essence Concept – the car that influences all of INFINITI’s current design language.

  • klowik

    The manager could have said ” we only have limited number in stock and all are sold out !!” Then the dealer didn’t have to sell it at a loss.

  • Tera Patric

    I believe what other people have been posting about this being a publicity stunt because remember one thing about Infiniti dealerships, they are independently owned. For those wondering what this means, this means each dealership can do whatever they want since there are no real “corporate” policies to adhere to except to sell lots of cars and act snooty as if they are a true premium luxury car marquee. The sales manager wouldn’t be calling corporate, he would be calling the owner of the dealership and probably get cussed out for not being able to figure it out him/herself (selling a brand new car for half off? Duh! It’s business people.). Any other sales manager at any other independently owned Infiniti dealership would have politely declined and knocked off several grands off the MSRP sticker as “fair compensation” for printing error and give free keychains or other paraphernalia for the trouble. Most would just use the timeless response, “…sorry but that particular model in question has been sold….” Sounds familiar right?