Tesla Releases Video Of First Production-Spec Model 3

Barely a day after the first production-spec Tesla Model 3 rolled out of the company’s Californian factory, a clip of the car has been posted online.

Not much action happens in the video, as a Tesla employee simply moves it around the Fremont parking lot in order to take a picture of it in front of the factory’s huge Tesla logo.

However, the clip does show that the finished Model 3 has exactly the same minimalistic interior as the release candidates revealed earlier this year. Apart from the three-spoke steering wheel and large central touchscreen display, the car’s cabin is sparse to say the least, something which will certainly split opinions.

As we recently reported, company chief executive Elon Musk is the owner of the first Model 3, and before the month is out, a further 29 will be delivered to customers. Production and deliveries will then slowly ramp up to 100 units in August before deliveries reach 1,500 in September. Musk is aiming for Model 3 production to account for the greatest number of 500,000 annual sales, which he wants to achieve by 2018.


  • Dmitry Zelinskiy


    • Dennis James

      网站现已被党府封锁 !

      • TheHake

        Ek verstaan nie wat julle sê nie!

  • WG

    There are some pretty noticeable gaps… hopefully they will be fixed soon for mass production.

    • Matt

      This IS pretty much mass production. You can’t just improve panel gaps without significant development and possible re-tooling of stamping presses.

      Like the X, the 3 will most likely have a number of issues that won’t be ironed out for another few months at least – despite being less complicated. It just feels like it was developed too quickly.

    • Dennis James

      I can’t see anything unusual. The gap from the front hood to bumper is larger by design.

      • Karl

        Some people will always have something to nitpick about…

        • Status

          You’ve never spent good on anything worthy to nitpick over. That’s why you settle for Lincolns; you can’t be bothered to demand higher standards of what you own and drive.

          • Karl

            I can bet good money that you still drive a Yogo!

  • Joe Langan

    There’s yet to be a proper front-on photo of this car published (just the front three-quarter view from the ground up) and in the three and a half minutes of this video, the person filming doesn’t think to walk around or try and get another angle of it. Hmmm……

    • Auf Wiedersehen

      Exactly! What exactly was the point of this video?

      • Jason Miller

        It’s the first production release and they’re excited? Why does there need to be any other reason?

        • Auf Wiedersehen

          I’m excited too! I want to see more! But this video doesn’t show me anything but the side of the car and being moved back and forth for three and a half minutes. If that’s excitement for a product that is hotly waited on, they need to turn up the excitement to 11!

    • Kenneth

      “the person filming doesn’t think to…” – I’d say that along with all the other photographers there, he has been instructed to stay where he is, that this limited viewing is intentional, for now. Even just the side/rear view is much more than the usual “teaser.”

  • EyalN

    how can they make 1 car?
    production line should be 1000 a day

    • Jason Miller

      Read the article.

  • Matthijs

    What a useless video. How come you bring this out as your first official video? Car could have looked decent if the greenhouse didn’t look so weird. But overall it doesn’t have the striking looks of the Model S

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    I didn’t listen to the audio but I struggle to see the point of this video. It’s nothing more than a prolonged side view at a distance far enough you can see no detail or anything specific. The back and forth and weird angle, no to mention in a parking lot, are annoying.

  • KidRed

    Standing there for 3 minutes to record the side view. Why not walk up and shoot the interior some? Or walk around the car?

    • alexxx

      cause there is no interior….only a tablet…

  • Dansk

    I’m definitely waiting to see official photos/video of the production model, seeing some of the earlier shots that have come out recently made me question the quality for the model 3. Feels like it’s been rushed!

  • Karl

    Great job Tesla! This will be a good alternative to the Chevy Bolt…

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Production spec, huh?

    Make sure to mind the gap.

  • dolsh

    There’s a heckuva lot of glare coming off the iPad Pro they’re using instead of an instrument panel.

  • BlackPegasus

    Will it actually cost $35K?

    • TheHake

      THAT is a good question!

  • Enter Ranting

    That’s a seriously homely looking car. And that video could have been 10 seconds long.

  • gary4205

    Musk won’t deliver 50,000 of these shitboxes, ever, let alone 500,000.

    What a sad joke on humanity.

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