Testing Carroll Shelby’s $100 Dollar Bill Game With A DB11

Back in the glory days of the American muscle car, Carroll Shelby said the 427 Cobra was so quick that if he put a $100 note on the dashboard, a passenger wouldn’t be able to reach it under heavy acceleration.

Does this still ring true on some of today’s cars? Autocar set about answer that question.

To test the theory, the crew assembled a wide-range of cars with varying levels of performance, including a Renault Zoe, a Ford Fiesta ST, Bentley Bentayga Diesel, Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio and the Aston Martin DB11.

We won’t ruin the result for you but you can probably skip through to the Alfa’s run to see how much performance you need to offer any kind of real difficulty in reaching the note.


  • No Tesla? That would have been the obvious winner.