Toyota Is The Best-Selling Automaker In 49 Countries

In 2016, Volkswagen overtook Toyota as the world’s highest-selling car manufacturer, but if you dive deeper into last year’s sales figures, Toyota is actually the highest selling brand in 49 countries, well clear of its competition.

In the infographic provided below by Regtransfers in the UK, we can see that Toyota has a stranglehold on key regions throughout the world, including Latin America, Asia and Africa and tops the sales charts in countries including Costa Rica, Uganda, Angola, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia.

In a distant second comes Volkswagen, topping the sales charts in just 14 countries. Most of these are concentrated in Europe and include Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Croatia and Belarus.

Coming home in third position is Ford, which has managed to claim key markets like the U.S., Canada and New Zealand. In fourth sits Renault and Skoda with six countries respectively and Dacia and Fiat both sitting on five countries apiece.

Update: We’ve learnt that the infographic has a number of inaccuracies. Proceed with caution…


  • PK

    I’m surprised that mercedes is outselling bmw worldwide.

    • notthistimecobber

      BMW range is outdated – Audi % growth has recently been higher than BMW

      • PK

        i see you’re loving the n tuner from hyundai. korean cars are killing it right now!

        • notthistimecobber

          What’s not to love?


    F150 sales is unstoppable in trump nation

    • fabri99

      Hasn’t the F150 been the best selling car in the US for like…decades?

  • SteersUright

    Wow. Makes sense. Toyota/Lexus makes the best quality cars in the world. Maybe not the prettiest nor the fastest, but certainly damn well made.

    • fabri99

      Well said. Plus, they are unstoppable and the Hilux will take you anywhere, it is definitely the most sensible choice in many countries.

      • notthistimecobber

        Hilux unstoppable?? Lol. Clearly you are unaware of the large number of DPF issues affected thousands of Hilux currently!

    • Ditzebächer

      Toyota best quality? I See their cars in Indonesia, Kijang/Inova, Avanza and many of these models. They are primitive technology, outdated engines, no downsizing and turbo, high fuel consumption, no catalysators and filters, safety on the level some 25 years back in time. They are maximum at a level of Dacia. These cars are cheap and big and this is the reason that they are bought in masses in countries like that.

  • Mikulas Ivasko

    Sorry guys, I am from Slovakia and Renualt is definitely not the best selling brand here! This map includes wrong data!

  • Mogambo

    Toyota outsells any other auto brand in Nigeria by a large margin.

  • fabri99

    How is Mercedes the best selling car maker in Turkmenistan? And why is Iran’s national car maker called Saipa Pride? Wikipedia, I need your help here.

  • Thierry

    Hard to imagine. I’m driving a Toyota (Prius+) now, and it’s definitely my first and last Toyota ever. I’ve had Audi, Volvo, Mercedes, VW, Ford, Citroën, etc, and all of them are way better, nicer and more enjoyable.

  • Norberto Carluccio

    Also for Argentina, that map is wrong. Volkswagen is the best selling brand since at least 10 years!

  • NickATL

    Toyota is actually #1 in retail sales in the United States. Ford only passes Toyota when you factor in all the trucks they sell businesses and the cars they sell to rental car companies.

  • Morgan J

    This is insanely wrong !

    Lada is First in Russia.
    Perodua is the brand and Axia a Model.
    In Saudi Arabia it’s Toyota and not Hyundai
    Iran it’s Peugeot and not Saipa…..
    Pride is a model, Saipa is the brand !

    Carscoop please edit the post. you cannot be that basic !

  • Rrr

    i’m from Lithuania. And Volkswagen is first here for selling cars to regular custumers. However for some tax reasons there are many new FIATs registred who are later sold to other Europian countries.

  • penguendedektif

    Well, I can confirm that the data on Turkey is also wrong; Fiat is not even in top three here (it’s the fourth). Top three are VW, Renault and Ford…

  • Benjamin B.


  • Benjamin B.

    How come Fords are selling like hot cakes in Nigeria?