Toyota Supra Flies Off The Road In Unexplained Crash

Even though we couldn’t find any official explanation as to why this white A80 Toyota Supra flew off this embankment, we suspect the driver might have missed that left turn just before the crash.

From what we can tell, that steering wheel was clearly yanked brutally to the left all of a sudden, so if the driver indeed needed to make the turn but failed to do so in time, well, case solved Dr. Watson.

Of course in the end, we’re just speculating. What we can tell you for certainty is that the car flew for about four meters (13 ft) down an embankment, according to the description of the clip, and that the driver came out OK.

The description also calls the driver a “young lad”, which might also indicate inexperience or a willingness to take risks, although again, your guess is as good as ours as to why anybody would perform such a maneuver at that speed.

In a way, the Supra driver should probably consider himself lucky, despite the crash. There could have been anything at the bottom of that embankment, and the fact that he simply landed in an open field meant nether himself, nor anyone else was hurt.


  • Aporto

    Poor Supra….

    • badcyclist

      It’s always the innocent who pay the price of injustice.

  • Supralicious

    Fast & Furious maneuver! More like texting and suddenly realized he was at the turn he needed make, but missed it by a wee bit.

  • Six_Tymes

    yep, fast and the furious 9. poor supra, and it looks like its a turbo! nooooooo

  • Ray Filetti

    This is a five year old video, but it just proves that Aussies have been competing with the Russians for longer than we thought. If you are planning to visit Australia, take a train.

    • Down With Blizz

      Yeah but at least we arent shooting up schools or invading other countries.

      • Ray Filetti

        South Africa (Boer War). Turkey. North Africa. Korea, Vietnam. Iraq. Afghanistan. You are now in Syria. More Australian soldiers going to Afghanistan and Iraq again soon. Australia has been invading other countries behind GB and the USA for over a hundred years, And I forgot about the Aboriginal genocide. You ain’t perfect either’, but yes, better than most..

        • Bob White

          Descendants of prisoners make great fighters. Lol

    • benT

      at least some training for combat driver missions………………

  • Just remembered that he/she left the oven on!!!

  • Mill0048
  • LeStori

    OH what a Feeling, Toyota.

  • Down With Blizz

    Im gonna go with… popped the handbrake to try and drift around the intersection from the straight lane but is a fuckup like 99% of people who do that shit and didnt quite manage to break traction.

  • Knotmyrealname

    Is it me or does it look like his bumper came off just before he did the swan dive?

  • Rollin’ Dynamite

    Yep, luck all around. Like they said, useless to speculate, but probably missed his turn.

  • JQPublic

    He flies through the air with the greatest of ease…

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