CR Buys Their Own Alfa Romeo Stelvio, Says It Has Character

The new Alfa Romeo Stelvio is, by all means, a well-deserved breath of fresh air in a segment dominated by vehicles such as the Porsche Macan, Mercedes GLC, Jaguar F-Pace, Audi Q5, and others.

But is it really the smartest choice? Consumer Reports have started the journey of answering this question by buying a Stelvio of their own, and fitting it with the Driver Assistance Static Package, Driver Assist Dynamic Plus Package, Harman Kardon sound system, sunroof, and a few other optionals, which added up to a total of $52,040.

This is the Ti model, powered a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine that channels 280hp and 306lb-ft (415Nm) of torque to the Q4 all-wheel drive system through an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

As expected, the Stelvio is very agile on a straight, and it can also corner properly. Its quick steering makes it fun to drive, and the suspension may be somewhat firm, but it’s not stiffer than a similar Macan or F-Pace, and absorbs most bumps in the road, easily.

However, it’s not all smiles with the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, because the transmission is not always smooth, especially at low speeds, and it seems that the SUV has a few flaws inside, that we’ll let the reviewer cover.


  • SteersUright

    $52k for a 4cyl and small wheels. No thanks. The Germans do it, yeah, yeah I know. But they’re a proven commodity. Alfa needs to exceed expectations, not match the competition. A proper 6cyl 380hp version to slot between the base and top end versions and priced at $52k would’ve been that much more competitive.

    • europeon

      True. Altho, look at Volvo’s customers having absolutely no problems paying almost six figures for a puny 2 liter, l4 engine.
      The lack of a proper 6-cylinder engine is what stopped me from buying a Giulia as a daily – no, the QV isn’t a daily car.

      • dragoneroscuro

        In a few months the Alfa Romeo Stelvio QV V6 will be released

        • europeon

          You really need to read our comments more carefully.

      • paulgdeaton

        It never stopped me from buying a Lotus.

        Let’s face it; smaller displacement engines are the trend of the future – and, in most cases, smaller displacements will mean fewer cylinders. Alfa’s four cylinder engines have been justifiably revered in the past; if they can make it work and feel like a bigger engine today, I don’t see why we need to be counting cylinders.

        • europeon

          The small engines Alfas had in the past were in the era when the cars weighted next to nothing, everyone was doing it, and the only real alternative were the very expensive supercars (which had small displacement engines too, the 2-3l v8 and v12 engines were the norm.)
          For me, small l4 engines are fine in small, cheap and light cars, the more power they make, the better, but in something like the XC90, which is anything but small, light or cheap, it’s not OK. As for the Alfas, they should at least offer something for people that want more from their cars.

    • Anthony James

      It’d be interesting to see how it stacks up spec for spec against say, an Audi Q5 in the USA. Here in Britain it’s £3k cheaper

  • Ed Ward

    Where is the Dodge, this is butt ugly.

    • Michelin

      I love the Stelvio Design, front and butt too.
      Alfa badge is also more sexy than Dodge badge, and more exclusive than germans, japanes & koreans
      For more Power QV is arriving !!!

    • dragoneroscuro

      You do not understand anything about cars

      • supermanuel

        Ed expressed a subjective opinion. Your comment suggests that you don’t have the mental capacity to comprehend the difference between subjectivity and objectivity.

        • dragoneroscuro

          My opinion is objective. Did you drive the Alfa Romeo Stelvio? Or are you just prejudging this car?
          You do not understand the difference of the coherence with superficiality

          • supermanuel

            Your opinion is subjective, genius. To you, your opinion is the most important thing in the world. To the rest of us your opinion is stupid.

            No, I’m not prejudging the car but I am definitely prejudging you. You’re making it easy.

          • dragoneroscuro

            The very stupid and inconsistent answer

          • supermanuel

            Really? Is that all you’ve got? Lol.

          • dragoneroscuro

            I do not have time to lose with people reading only the covers of a book

          • supermanuel

            Oh, but plenty of time to make idiotic statements like “My opinion is objective” and “You do not understand the difference of the coherence with superficiality.” WTF?

            I’m going to assume that you are an AR fanboy, possibly Italian and quite young and are using English as an additional language, so I’m going to ease off. But I’d like to give you some tips:

            All personal opinion is subjective. All of it. Even yours.

            Any opinion relating to the aesthetics of a thing is inherently ‘superficial’ because it does not relate to anything other than aesthetics. That’s not an insult.

            A negative opinion expressed regarding the aesthetics of a thing does not equate to ‘pre-judging’and is not ‘incoherent’, it is just an opinion.

            That’s it. You can go…

          • dragoneroscuro

            Say hello to your Toyota Prius. Bye LOL

          • supermanuel


            I don’t drive a Toyota Prius and I am never likely to. I don’t drive an Alfa Romeo Stelvio either because I happen to think that it is an amorphous blob of a car that has no styling character whatsoever.

            You’ll get over it. I have faith in you.

      • europeon

        But it is butt ugly. And that’s coming from someone that owned a few Alfas.

        • dragoneroscuro

          I drive an Alfa Romeo Stelvio. I can tell you that a beautiful car

          • europeon

            Your opinion. To me it’s one of the ugliest Alfas of all time – au par with Arna.

          • dragoneroscuro
          • TheHake

            From the side it looks pretty decent. But from the back (in the flesh) it looks TERRIBLE. Like a big plastic toy.

          • europeon

            It pains me to say, but in the flesh it looks bad from almost every angle.

          • TheHake

            But the rear is the worst by far.

          • supermanuel

            You’re old enough to drive? Wow, I had you down as an 8 year old.

          • dragoneroscuro

            You’re drive the tricycle

          • supermanuel


            You’re really struggling to make sense now. Go and have an afternoon nap and see how you feel after that.

          • dragoneroscuro

            You go to sleep

          • supermanuel

            Good one. Be proud little man. You’re on the way to becoming a true comeback master.


  • Alex Rossi

    The review by Jeremy Clarkson published today in the online version of The Sunday
    Times magazine rewards the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio who scores a 4-star
    rating of 5 winning, according to Clarkson, comparing with one of its
    main rivals, the Audi Q5 and Engine level as regards the aesthetic factor

    • supermanuel


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