Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet Concept Unveiled With An Electric Powertrain

The Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet concept has been unveiled in California.

Described as “automotive haute couture,” the luxurious convertible is a follow-up to last year’s coupe and it features a stylish design that is sure to draw attention.

Starting with the exterior, the 6 Cabriolet concept has a nautical blue metallic finish and a massive grille that is inspired by pinstriped suits. The car also features an extremely long hood, a short windscreen, and 24-inch center locking wheels.

Out back, designers created a “boat tail” rear end which draws inspiration from luxury yachts. There’s also a diffuser with an aluminum frame and narrow taillights that emphasize the vehicle’s width. Lastly, Mercedes created a custom-made fabric top with interwoven rose gold threads.

The distinctive styling continues in the interior as designers installed crystal white nappa leather upholstery, rose gold trim, and wood flooring with inlaid aluminum accents. Drivers will also find a retro instrument cluster, floating air vents, and a transparent center tunnel with blue fiber optic components.

Despite the classic appearance, the concept is extremely high-tech as it features two head-up displays and a flowing “display strip” on the dashboard. Elsewhere, there are biometric sensors which monitor the status of the passengers and a concierge function with enables users to talk to it like a person.

Motivation is provided by four electric motors which produce a combined output of 750 PS (550 kW). This setup enables the all-wheel drive concept to accelerate from 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in less than four seconds before hitting a limited top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph).

The electric motors are powered by a floor-mounted battery which enables the concept to have a range in excess of 500 km (310 miles). The model also features a quick-charge function which can deliver 100 km (62 miles) of range in just five minutes.


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  • fabri99

    Astonishing. They should sell it just like it, one million euros should be a good price. There’s a great market for super-luxury cars and I feel like more and more car makers should go back to make giant and exclusive coupes and convertibles like they used to. Not all those who can spend millions on cars want a hypercar.

    • Bill Nguyen


    • Oliver Moore

      I think they could make a decent Phantom rival with this design language, just more proportional for a saloon.

  • Maybach Madness

    Truly a land yacht of epic length. I like the bespoke accessories under the bonnet.

  • Wow…absolutely, truly decadent car…well done M-B…well done indeed…

  • salamOOn

    its too short for a 2 seat cabriolet…. better wait for a long wheelbase variant….

  • Kash

    pic 7 gives me a very 1920’s land yacht vibe and that makes me just absolutely love this car.

    • europeon

      I think that’s the theme they were going for 🙂

  • SteersUright

    MB should make this as a counter-Veyron, priced somewhere at $500k-$1.5mil, a super luxury electric coupe that doesn’t try to be Veyron fast, just exceptionally beautiful, elegant, and serene. A true luxury GT. I can’t imagine that the billionaires of the world wouldn’t line up for a limited production run of these. To nitpick, the rear could stand to be a bit shorter on the production model and still keep the graceful lines. Also, the grille is too Buick and needs to be more traditional MB. But thats about it. This thing is stunning!!!

  • europeon

    I hope this will go into production, and won’t remain a concept, just like the Cadillac Ciel/Elmiraj.

    • U8INIT

      I thought of those Cadillac’s immediately…

    • Afi Keita James

      Built that thing and make it exactly like the concept, this one along with last year’s concept.


    • Carlo

      Elmiraj should’ve been introduced into production immediately following the concept. As the Cadilac Eldorado. The market needs a hard top truly full size luxury coupe in the grand tradition. Cadillac clearly has great ideas but they never bring them to production. So sad it’s depressing.


  • U8INIT

    This is everything and more…

  • MIL1234

    my new wallpaper

  • Six Thousand Times

    Lovely boattail. And that top is so thin!

  • Kannag Don Amenra

    Probably, the best looking cabriolet ever. IMHO, it is.

  • disqus_83g6mJmr6l


  • Christian Wimmer

    B E A U T I F U L

    It reminds me of the coach-built Mercedes 500K/540K Roadsters of the 1930s. Absolutely stunning.

    What I like most about this concept is the way the bonnet opens – another nod towards the Mercedes’ and Maybach cars of the 1930s!

  • Waleesa1

    I wasn’t wowed by the hardtop coupe of last year but this drop-top is magnificent. Maybe it’s the colour combination…

    IMO, this looks way better than the Sweptail.

  • Mark S

    Now that is a show car! WoW! Beautiful!

  • Not that beautiful but very bold in its lack of respect for third world problems and current state of automotive design… 🙂

  • no25

    Wow, this is a Maybach I could get with. Very well done, Mercedes!

  • enthusia

    even though they are essentially the same car, this makes the coupe concept look so amateurish. i didn’t really care for the red coupe but this is BEYOND better. stunning!

  • Blade t

    Very nice looking, production model would look completely different I’m sure….

  • Very similar to the Cadillac 16. Stretched from end, two door. Except the Caddy had a V16, got 16 mpg and produced 1,000 bhp. Both very neat cars, probably won’t be produced like most neat cars.

  • polish

    big Stupidity, the world struggles with hunger and poverty and the pornography car here

  • Afi Keita James

    We need land yachts.

  • Axiom Ethos

    Strikingly beautiful and evidently capable in several areas. Just don’t care for all the tacky accessories under the hood. Silverware for real? That’s just beyond silly. Just make that some functional storage space for the customer and it’s a winner all around.

    • Maximilian Norlande Rabbitt

      More than likely it would be nothing more than an option, if these models were to ever enter production in the first place. I mean, have you SEEN the picnic offerings by Rolls-Royce?

  • BMWFreaky

    One word x3 Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!!! say no more please

  • AxlRock

    Compared to this, the RR sweptail looks rubbish. Well the RR looks rubbish compared to most modern cars, but that’s beyond the point. I can’t see why rich people wouldn’t spend close to a million big ones for this beauty. It just looks amazing inside and out…!

  • Kaisuke971

    Well i guess i’m the only one that actually thinks this is not well done and a bit ugly… Okay it’s an enormous and very luxurious convertible, but it’s not that beautiful : the Aston-Martin Vanquish Zagato Speedster we saw couple days ago was far better looking

    The brand that made the 280SL Pagoda could’ve done waaaay better… Or maybe i’m weird

  • Craig

    Buick Riviera?

  • Sybill Julian

    looks good!! I wish the final product would come close to its concept

  • Luka Unknown

    Lionheart tires?? Really? Love the car design/shape though.

  • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов

    My 50 cents is that this is the next S class concept more than a true maybach cabriolet

  • Kevin Tay

    Looks great, but interior glow is terrible. the blue makes you feel like you’re in a Rinspeed Squba. I think a warm red glow would be more appropriate.

  • hughie522

    It makes the S-Class Coupe look positively outdated ;).

    • supermanuel

      It makes the S-Class Coupe look positively compact….

  • Robert

    The front is very Cadillac concept.

  • Ermal Morina

    I honestly can’t describe this in words.
    Magnificent,absolutely magnificent

  • exeptor

    It is vulgar, it is egocentric, it is fat, it is arrogant and I will never buy it even if I have the money. I like it, I love it, I adore it. This is car design at its best. Please build it and sell it. I will accept the fact that I’m watched “from above” if it is will be done from this car. Amazing job Mercedes.

  • Maricaibo

    Not real, right? A design study for an animated ‘Cars’ movie? Dear god that is hideous.

  • Carlo

    I’m happy to see a beautiful EV that gives me hope that The true full size cars won’t stay dead in the electrified future. Like I have feared.

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