Durheimer Says Electrification Is A Priority For Bentley, Maybe Bugatti

Bentley and Bugatti chief executive Wolfgang Durheimer has revealed that electrification is a major priority for the British automaker he leads.

Speaking to Car&Driver at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Durheimer confirmed that both the third-generation Continental GT and Bentayga SUV will be offered in plug-in hybrid guises and that all-electric models will follow shortly after.

Beyond Bentley’s electrified future, the outspoken executive indicated that both lone-wheelbase and coupe variants of the Bentayga are being considered. Additionally, he said a four-door version of the new Continental GT could also see the light of day and be dubbed the Continental Type R.

Meanwhile, Durheimer said the Bugatti Chiron is sold out for the next four years with 300 of the 500 units accounted for. He admitted that electrification for the Chiron’s likely successor is possible but said a decision on whether or not to replace the hypercar won’t be made until 2019.

In the meantime, Durheimer is expected to relinquish his position as Bugatti boss to Audi Sport chief and former Lamborghini head honcho Stephan Winkelmann.


  • Mark S

    What happened VW groups calculated coldness seems to have skipped Bentley, the New Continental GT is gorgeous!

  • Astonman

    The Bentley has a halo.

  • Six Thousand Times

    As long as they’ve only offered and not mandatory.

  • roy

    They already have a four door continental… It is call the flying spur

    • Belthronding Tinuviel

      maybe he means 4 door coupe.

      • roy

        Oh for the love of god

        • fabri99

          And after that they will make a 2 door version of the Flying Spur. A two-door sedan…

          • Belthronding Tinuviel

            ..or it could be 4 door cabrio..


    Well, I guess we all knew this one was coming; hybrids followed by EVs. People can fight it, but it’s inevitable just like the loss of the manual transmission and natural aspiration.