Mercedes-Benz To Implement Advanced Three-Word Nav System

Mercedes-Benz will introduce an innovative new navigation system within the next six months that can pinpoint any location on worth using a combination of just three words.

Typically, GPS systems determine locations via complex GPS coordinates. However, a startup company dubbed what3words has created a system that assigns a three-word combination to every point on Earth. Enter those three words in a navigation system and the software will instantly display the location.

To create the system, what3words divided the world into 57 trillion squares measuring three meters by three meters and assigned three words to each square. In total, there are 25,000 words used in a variety of combinations to denote every specific location on the planet.

For example, dragon.luck.soap denotes the location of One World Trade Center in New York. A random piece of desert just east of Yemen’s capital city of Sana’a is known as confederate.defies.wrongdoing. Even random pieces of oceans are recognized. For example, blonder.butane.ejectors is an area near the Maldives. The system is available in 14 languages.

In a statement, vice president digital vehicle & mobility of Daimler, Sajjad Khan said “With what3words’ easy address entry method, we’re adding another logical element to our navigation system. You can enter your destination by speaking just three words and are then guided there to within an accuracy of nine square meters. Anywhere in the world. All I can say is: simple.ingenious.innovative.”

By the way, simple.ingenious.innovative is a nine square meter piece of ocean south of Taiwan.

Have some fun with the 3 word map here.


  • Dennis James

    Quite brilliant !

  • “dragon.luck.soap” OR “One World Trade Center”

    • Status

      There’s one less word and one less syllables in dragon.luck.soap, so it’s got that going for it.

  • eb110americana

    WTF?! How is this useful? No one will memorize a system of 25K data points just to save a few minutes entering destinations into your nav. Any ones which you actually remember, are probably close enough to your home that you don’t need directions there anyway. You get nav when you are in a strange new place–a place that you won’t know the “code” for. This might be the dumbest news I’ve read this week. The tech should adapt to you, not the other way around.

    • TuDoR_DrAgOs

      i agree !

    • Kagan

      Yes I didn’t understand the article either.


  • Bash

    I just tried the 3 word map in the link provided in the article, and i think this thing, might be just brilliant and smart. as long as the system is able recognize the words coming out of your mouth and not miss-spell it.