Ferrari Exotics Among Victims Of Hurricane Harvey

Following news of hundreds of thousands of cars being scrapped after Hurricane Harvey made its way through Texas, it became obvious that no type of vehicle was safe down there.

This video shows a bunch of very expensive cars in need of an Ark, including a couple of Ferraris parked inside a garage, a Mercedes-Benz CLA and even a G-Glass – although we wouldn’t bet against the latter being able to drive away.

The Ferraris though, aren’t going anywhere, except to a used dealer lot, if they’re lucky. If water didn’t make its way into the engine bay, those cars might actually be in decent shape, all things considered.

Worth noting is that fact that Hurricane Harvey unleashed even more devastation than Sandy did back in 2012 when it hit the East Coast. Compared to New York, Houston has a higher number of vehicles per household, which is why so many cars were exposed to flood damage.

As always, seeing a high-performance piece of engineering suffering any type of damage never makes for a pretty sight if you’re a car enthusiast.