Lego Creates A Life-Size Model Of Ferrari’s 2017 F1 Car

In a bid to promote its new Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H model, Lego has created a life-size version of Ferrari’s 2017 Formula One car.

Constructed with a phenomenal 349,911 bricks, the model weighs 567 kg (1,250 lbs), meaning it’s about 250 kg (551 lbs) lighter than the championship-leading race car.

Lego says the model took 750 hours to build and it’s not hard to see where all that time was spent. The accuracy of the model is staggering and from a distance, one could actually mistake it for the real thing.

The model even features all of the stickers used across the exterior of the race car as well as a complex steering wheel complete with dozens of switches, buttons and dials.