Next-Gen BMW 2-Series Coupe And Cabrio To Remain RWD

Although the next-generation BMW 1-Series will switch to front-wheel drive, the automaker has confirmed to press at the Frankfurt Motor Show that the next two-door models of the 2-Series will retain its rear-wheel drive setup.

During a discussion with Motoring, BMW board member for development Dr Klaus Frolich said it only makes sense for the 2-Series (including of course, the M2) to remain rear driven.

“I think it (M2) is such a good car, it has such a success in the market, we can’t make enough cars and we are running out of engines at the moment. I think it would be a very good idea to continue that legacy (current 2 Series),” he said.

Responding to the confirmation given by his colleague, BMW Australia boss Marc Werner expressed his delight about the carmaker’s decision.

“As far as rear-wheel drive is concerned, you heard it from the horse’s mouth today, so that’s interesting. If that’s going to happen I think it’s the right way forward,” he said.

The new 2-Series is expected to launch in 2020 but before it arrives, the next-generation 1-Series will hit the market. It will be underpinned by the automaker’s UKL platform and therefore switch from RWD to FWD.

It would have been simple for BMW to use the same platform in the new two-door 2-Series (as it does on today’s 2-Series Active Tourer models) but we can’t imagine anyone complaining about RWD remaining.


  • Six Thousand Times

    Something, something, something…canted driver’s seat.

  • kello3000

    A voice of reason…

  • Dennis James

    Great news !

  • Charles Chin

    Just don’t make it bigger. Don’t go the 3s route.

  • fabri99

    Well, a front-wheel drive BMW Coupe is just something you can’t do.

  • DM

    Why ruin the 1 series hatchback then? Just make the whole 1 and 2 series RWD…. Shame on BMW.

  • AstonMartin

    Still hoping for XDrive availability on the M2 that can allow it to be driven all year in colder climates.

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