2018 Porsche 911 Carrera T Is A Budget 911 R

Porsche has kept its promise of making more enthusiast-oriented models by taking the wraps off the 2018 Porsche 911 Carrera T.

The Carrera T (Touring) could be considered as a budget 911 R and takes inspiration from the 911 T of 1968, retaining the twin-turbo 3.0-liter flat-six of the regular Carrera, rather than receiving a motorsport-inspired naturally-aspirated engine like the R.

Nevertheless, the car still delivers a respectable 370 hp and 339 lb-ft of torque between 1750 rpm and 5000 rpm. When equipped with the standard manual transmission, the Carrera T reaches 60 mph (96 km/h) in 4.3 seconds, 0.1 seconds quicker than the standard 911 Carrera and a 182 mph top speed. Select for the optional PDK transmission and the 0-60 mph time falls to 4.0 seconds flat while the top speed drops to 180 mph.

Elsewhere, the car includes a mechanical rear differential lock, PASM Sport Suspension and the option of rear-wheel steering.

Visually, the Carrera T is differentiated from the rest of the 911 family thanks to new badging, subtle black exterior graphics, custom seat trimmings and door opener loops rather than handles in the cabin. Thanks to a reduction in sound insulation, the Carrera T weighs 3,142 lbs.

Order books for the model have opened in the U.S. with prices starting at $102,100, excluding the $1,050 delivery, processing, and handling fee.



    So, how much of a difference is this compared to a normal Carrera?

    • Honda NSX-R

      “..new badging, subtle black exterior graphics, custom seat trimmings and door opener loops rather than handles in the cabin. Thanks to a reduction in sound insulation, the Carrera T weighs 3,142 lbs.”

      • LWOAP

        I meant performance wise. Is it faster? Is it slower? Does it handle better than a normal Carrera? Does it have better braking etc……

        Is it worth the money Porsche is charging for it?

        • Miknik

          0.1 sec. faster to 100. I’m not sure extra money and the lack of infotainment etc.. is worth that…

          • LWOAP

            Jeesh. I was expecting more.

        • jh

          It’s just a variation of acregular carrera with some extras (mostly badges). But there will be people dumb enough..

    • Bo Hanan

      Not much.
      The premium you pay for the loops and the “T” are ridiculous. Only Porsche can get away with this.


    • SteersUright

      Porsches are wonderful sports cars built with VW parts and grossly overpriced thanks to excellent marketing. Yes, I currently drive one (a 2014 Cayman).

      • 63A510

        Name a part on your cayman from vw.

        • vantageman1

          lol right…i assume the whole point of the humble brag complaint was to say he or she owned a Porsche lol

          • SteersUright

            If a base 2014 Cayman so impresses you that the mere mention of it offends your sensibilities, then I dare say you should aim higher in life.

          • vantageman1

            I do realize based on you “needing” to humble brag that you would also be a bit pompous; but seriously so impresses and dare say not only make you sound foolish and ignorant but lack purpose at all. To teach you a lesson “humble bragging” implies youre bragging in a way that makes it seem as if youre not bragging while everyone else is unimpressed anyway with the poor attempt and what youre bragging about. I dont drive a base anything nor is my car in question it’s yours so if you would like to attack someone’s vehicle it should be your own and its you that you should be telling aim alot higher in life not me or anyone else clearly your priorities are out of whack anyway if thats a measure of your life’s aspirations. This is why people that know nothing about cars should just sit in there corners and be quiet and do whatever it is pompous people do.

        • Axel Cortez

          many go into the engine bay and you will see plenty of things from audi/vw even with the logo, I’ve seen it in bentleys

          • SteersUright

            Ive also seen in in Rolls (BMW), Bentleys, Porsches, Astons, etc. Its not uncommon whatsoever.

          • vantageman1

            Youve seen VW parts in an Aston Martin and Rolls Royce????? which exact models since neither has ever been owned by VW the only car companies that owned either in the past decade have been BMW, and Ford so for what reason would VW parts need to go in either of those cars?????? Wow anyone with a drop of car knowledge would know that……im guessing you actually drive an old Fiero that youve confused with a Cayman because its mid engined? lol wow that one comment made anything else you have to say even more irrelevant. VW parts in a BMW or Ford owned vehicle…wow just wow

          • SteersUright

            Dude, calm down, breathe deep, maybe go do some Yoga. I’ve seen “parts sharing” PARTS SHARING, need I repeat again to be perfectly clear: PARTS SHARING. Not Cayman or VW parts only, take it easy, Jesus.
            Again, I’ve seen parts sharing in nearly every large auto corporate conglomerate because I’ve flipped car for years and taken then apart and you’ll find the odd labeled part here and there from the corporate parent, or the exact same part number for a coil pack, or fuel pump, etc. Why is this so offensive to you? What the heck is stuck up ur butt? Its actually likely smart to share common parts and place larger volume orders with suppliers for better pricing. It just doesn’t always work best for the most premium brands in the portfolio should it even become obvious.

          • vantageman1

            Perfect example of not knowing cars…….The 14 Cayman isnt based on a VW nor does it share any major components with any, the Bentley Continental, Flying Spur, and Bentayga (more Audi) are so its alot more possible that you would see VW components in a Bentley…as opposed to thinking hmm if there is VW components in a Bentley surely there are VW components in a Cayman…anyone that knows anything about cars would know that hence why the only person that liked your comment also happens to be the person that gave incorrect information in the first place.

          • Axel Cortez

            right I’ve only been working with VAG for the last 10 years have seen every thing from a simple Saveiro to a 918 and you will see parts that have the VW/AUDI branding, the Cayman engine doesn’t share engine with any VW/Audi car but they do share components like coilpacks and other stuff…

            also you can stop you ad-hominen there is no need for that unless you feel better trying to insult other people

          • Tony J

            I’m sorry but Alex youre clearly wrong the 918 came after the VW Porsche buy out the 14 Cayman was planned and part sourced before the buyout so NO it doesn’t have any VW Parts. I read all comments and Vantage and others are responding to how rude and insulting that guy is…..neither of you knows anything about cars anyway why they’re wasting their time is beyond me.

          • Axel Cortez

            Please it is Axel, is not that hard…

            Ok lets see before VW Group went to buy half Porsche SE in 2009 you have extensive colaboration between both brands because they had stake in each other, for example the 944 has a VW engine, the best selling Porsche the Cayenne is a VW using platform and engines. Besides that they use the same german suppliers and buy the same parts for multiple engines.

            in 2010 some boxter and caymans were built in VW factories… Yet some of you think there are absolute no parts from VW/Audi in Porsche cars…

            I had to check, but for example ignition from a boxter/cayman is an Audi part

          • SteersUright

            Yes, yes it in fact does. From the glues used in the interior to other engine and electronic parts, Porsche cars regularly raid the corporate parts bin of VW group. To insinuate that you “know” anything not having owned the car in mention nor having shop access like Alex and actually working on the cars proves the only waste of time is the time it took me to type this and bothering to respond to you.

        • SteersUright

          You’ve clearly never experienced late-model Porsche ownership or you wouldn’t even need to ask me to name a part. From the (crayon) smell in the interior which is EXACTLY the same whether you’re in a and Audi, a Beetle or a 911, to many different components, its become exceedingly obvious that while Porsche may design their own bespoke chassis and engines, they are then outsourced to the exact same parts manufacturers VW uses. It makes sense to take adventage of VW group’s scale but results in VW’s that feel more premium than they should and higher end cars made with lesser parts.
          In fact, I have to add, Audi/VW/Porsche share engines, Audi/VW share chassis, Audi/Porsche share chassis as well, what on earth would make you think components under the hood and out of sight aren’t shared as well?

  • Bash

    Dashboard looks very weird with that big whole in it.
    At least they can cover it i guess.

    • exeptor

      This is supposed to give you a fell of additional sportiness. Also in Porsche world this add some dollars to the final price :). No matter how strange it sounds but removing a part (infotainment system) which costs more than $5K adds some $2-3K to the car. Not 100% sure if this is how they calculate the final price of the car, but this is how it looks and feel.

    • fabri99

      They could pretend it is a sky container.

      • Bash

        Here is a better joke. That is a better/bigger place for Joe’s Sandwich! Ha!
        FYKWIM 😉

        • fabri99

          Not sure I do…

          • Bash

            Too bad. lol

  • eb110americana

    Porsche, where even the option to NOT have something (sound insulation, door handles, stereo/navigation/infotainment) costs you extra. I wonder if you can pay extra (again) to add them back, say for the infotainment?

    • exeptor

      For sure. Everything is possible in Porsche world. As Bash suggested I will not wonder if they have the option to cover the central hole with some plastic. Although very good and desired car. Nothing too much still very capable. Not commenting the price :).

    • 63A510

      infotainment can be added back for free

      • Belthronding Tinuviel

        Thanks Porsche.

  • J D

    Gauge cluster is so dull compared to other VAG products (Audi/VW/Lambo TFT), big plastic cubby hole in the middle of the dash – not $100k nice. I don’t even like the new steering wheel with the exposed-fastener look. And black mirrors just don’t work here. Porsche has a lot of hits, but this one is a miss.

  • RDS Alphard

    here’s summary

    – based on Carrera but not much faster than Carrera
    – same output at 370hp & 460Nm
    – acceleration only improve by 0.1s for 7MT or 0.2s for PDK
    – top speed drop 1-mph for both 7MT & PDK
    – at 1425kg, only 5kg lighter than Carrera
    – $91,100 for Carrera & $102,100 for Carrera T

    • LWOAP

      Screw that. It’s not worth the extra cost with stats like those. But it will still sell, regardless. I was expecting more for a “budget” 911 R.

      Doesn’t come close if you ask me.

  • jh

    Why put a turbo on it? Porsche doesn’t get it… once again.

  • javier

    jeez porsche has a quite a racket going


    911 for beginners?

  • fabri99

    Kinda looks like a smart way to ask more money for the same car. An amazing car, for sure, but that you can get for $10,000 less than that without all this fuss.

  • Tumbi Mtika


    This is some Apple-type sh_t…

  • nastinupe

    Porsche messed up with the turbo engines.

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